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LF4 Leafer Pack 2022 1.0.0

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About This File

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It's been just over a year in development with multiple iterations, but work has finally completed on the LF4 Leafer Pack! Special thanks to everyone who helped push to make this project the best it can be! The idea of this began as a simple extension of the previous leafer packs but it grew in size and scope well beyond that! Now, these trucks are equipped with a realistic node beam, realistic handling, relatively accurate sizing, high quality parts and more! The three biggest goals of this pack were to build quality trucks which had never been done before in Rigs, make leafers which are fun to drive and to build as many trucks as possible. With quantity being a primary goal, some sacrifices were made to speed up build time so these aren't 100% replica accurate but they're not too far off!

The Trucks

This pack includes 31 unique trucks!

  • Grave Digger #5
  • Goldberg Leafer Display
  • Buffalo Tremor 1987
  • 4 Wheel Crazy 1988
  • Master Of Disaster 1988
  • Bounty Hunter 1988
  • Liquidator 1988-1991
  • Texas Tumbleweed 1989
  • Bear Foot Racer 1990
  • Ecology's Eliminator 1990-Present
  • First Blood 1990
  • Iron Eagle 1990
  • Night Life 1991
  • Clydesdale 1991
  • Tropical Thunder 1991
  • UFO 1991
  • Above-N-Beyond 1991
  • The Wrecker 1991
  • Invader 1991-1992
  • GunSlinger 1992
  • Reptoid 1992-1993
  • Predator 1992 (Thunder Nationals)
  • Keystone Krusher 1992
  • American Gladiators 1993
  • Maniac 1994
  • Monster Mash 1994
  • Muscle Beach 1994
  • Problem Child 2009 & Jacobs Supply (present)
  • Chopper Monster
  • Copenhagen/Skoal Crusher
  • Inbounds (Custom)


All trucks are built on DiggerFans Leafer Node Beam.

  • All trucks are equipped with rear steer.
  • Press "W" to change Differential options on all trucks.
  • Most 1980s trucks have working lights. To turn the headlights on/off, press "N".
  • Turn Rollbar lights on with "CTRL+3" for Ecology and Skoal.
  • A hitch node is included in the node-beam for all trucks, so that it can be used with the pulling sled. The hitch node is located on the the back of the frame (node 56). To use with a pulling sled, use the mouse to drag the chain on the pulling sled to the hitch node (press "K" to show the nodes if needed), then press "L" to lock the chain to the hitch. When finished, press "L" again to unlock the hitch.

Beta Testers

Huge thanks to the Beta testers in the Retro Monsters Discord!

Build Credits

  • @Wambo - Ford F150 Body, Engines & Transmissions.
  • @DiggerFan - Base Node Beam, Chevy Silverado Body, Rear Half of Reptoid Body, Various Interior & Exterior Props, Wheels/Rims, Axel, Leaf Springs, Knuckles, Steering & Suspension.
  • @Patriotic Canadian - Grave Digger 5 Body
  • @Taurus Racer 13 - 80s Chevy Body, Various Interior & Exterior Props
  • @rockgod88 - Samson Body & Arm Textures
  • @Swegliner849 - Goldberg Body & Front Half of Reptoid Body. Reptoid Eye textures.
  • @xyrose - Goldberg paint
  • @mozart - Keystone Krusher, Monster Mash, Maniac & Bear Foot Classic Paint. Various mini image screenshots.
  • @JackMProductions - Gunslinger & Ecology Auto Wrecking Logos. All truck sounds. Various mini image screenshots.
  • @Bobcat - UFO Logos
  • @WorpeX - Everything else

Huge thanks to @CIDRA racer for his incredible knowledge of this era, providing rare reference images and help with improving truck accuracy. Also @Cowboy Generalfor help with finding reference images.


If I missed anyone in the credits, let me know and I'll update.

If you like the truck or have issues, please leave a review or a comment below!

Thanks and enjoy!

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What a loveing GOAT dude fr

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awsome wish beam monsters had these  packs

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