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  1. skullkid

    Bad Company

    Show up for me, just cant get windshield to show up, its all white
  2. THANK YOU!!!! now if someone has or can find ALLMONSTERS EVE Pack I be even more excited causebeen looking for that pack for acouple years
  3. Don't know if u planned that or not, but looks like lexan isn't transparent...
  4. I was wondering if someone could try and take the new ford raptor body like on Bigfoot 18, and redo the paint on like the new Blue Thunder that Dan Evans drives and put in on the silver blue thunder chassis,
  5. Thanks i been looking for the pack everywhere thats why i was wondering if someone had an copy cause like i said my computer crashed and lost everything
  6. Been looking everywhere on internet for them. I know these two trucks were in a pack, I think it was the RORMJ pack if i wasn't mistaken, I really liked those two trucks until my computer crashed and lost everything been looking for a long time. kindof of hoping someone might still have them or know someone that does. Thanks
  7. I always loved this truck in the V3, but i was wondering if one of the future update can be if the windows could be removed or lighten the color the car up so there easier to see out of, if not i fine with that. Thanks
  8. skullkid

    River Rat

    I was fixen to make a topic on this to
  9. i learning how to get Truck spawner of different tracks that didn't have them, but how do u get them closer the the arena. I can get them to workbut they are pretty far from the stadium and it gets annoying. Can someone explain to me how to do this thanks
  10. I was downloading another truck know the driveshafts show up white, I looking thru the truck file to figure it out nothing seems to work was wondering if mine the only one
  11. ya i worked i had to redownload them for them to work. Thanks
  12. Both I tried both it does the same on both
  13. I just started having problems with the truck not loading and crashing the game,. let me explain when i get on the game i choose the track and choose get to chooose the truck but when it loads it up it freeze and say that its looking for a solution i have tried to regen and clear when went as far as to redownload the game, it doestn't tell me whats wrong with so it just freezes . can anyone help
  14. Awesome truck but the body is white while the topper not was wondering if there file missing. Or is it just mine
  15. I know i might get heat for this but i been trying to learn how to put a truck spwawner on any map i've looked thru the terrn fille and even tried the toolkit and still can't get it to work, can someone explain to me how to do this. If someone can help i be glad to learn
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