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  1. Still having the black view from inside the truck issue. I've copied those files and no luck
  2. CCR Rider Racing Week 2 Starting Budget: $10,000 Payout: $7200 Damage: $0 Travel: $1,010 Sub payout: $2400 New Budget: $13,790
  3. I have a Logitech controller that Im trying to get used to...Just seems like its extremely sensitive especially turning
  4. Id be but it starts right before Wrestlemania
  5. Does anyone know where I can get a map to import for a Logitech gamepad?
  6. Hometown: St. Louis MO Home track: Gateway International raceway in Madison, IL (east STL) Saw my first Sprint Cup race back in February. Went to visit a buddy in Orlando and we went down to Daytona for the Sprint Unlimited and Arca race. TV does no justice on how fast they're going on the super speedways.
  7. Pardon my ignorance, I haven’t really followed the points system and how the invites will shake out for Vegas this year but I’m curious will there be multiple trucks? Tom will be in Max D, I know Neil won the championship points series and Morgan Kane won the #mymonsterjam so will there be 3 Max D trucks?
  8. My bad guys, I assumed it was central. Dont see anything that indicated eastern.
  9. Name: Curt Chaplin AIM: chappy2CC Truck: El Toro Loco McDonald (Red smv4) Link: http://sim-monsters....im-monsters-v4/ Can someone walk me through how to get into an online game? Been playing ROR for about a month now but haven't had a chance to get in online
  10. Seems like this thread is dead. Just wondering if there’s anywhere to get a list or get on a list for upcoming fun runs?
  11. Absolutely no sound at all on trucks downloaded that aren't in the smv4 pack.
  12. Thanks I'm still having problems with the sound on trucks I've downloaded that are not in the smv4 pack.
  13. Hate to bump an old thread but just searching for some sound help.. Where’s the best place to install Beau’s sound pack? Right now I have the .zip file and extracted file on my desktop. Would this also help with no sounds on trucks I’ve downloaded that are not in the smv4 pack?
  14. How do I know which files need to be in each zip? Its happening on every single truck I download not in the smv4 pack
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