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  1. Cameron Perkins Truck: Grave Digger 35 Truck link: dms soon discord: Hydroツ#6457
  2. 1. Sign Up format is: Name: Cam Perkins Truck: NEA Police Link: Coming Soon Discord: Hydroツ#6457
  3. oh, i’m sorry. it just felt like you were showing off trucks you were running in leagues (hence the mtra and fra reference, ect.) anywho, carry on. they look nice 👍
  4. homeboy, this is show your projects lololol xdxdxdx
  5. the body was fine, topology is iffy but imma fix it up, i compared it to pics from the metal shop and it’s pretty accurate
  6. a body im finishing, the original body is from edy all i did was the front clip, chassis and such is from kozak
  7. Version 1.0.0


    We do a little trolling.
    I love it, well done. the track is amazing and I am amused by the paint. What I would fix though is the backside of the racing lanes, but other than that, perfection.
  8. it looks really great tbh! can’t wait
  9. why does the scooby look so bright, it also looks like your chassis has hints of red. And it looks as if you havent edge splitted your chassis
  10. Cameron perkins Hydroツ#6457 Jacksonville MS
  11. Version 1.0.0


    19 Dollar Fortnite card, who wants it? Ok lets get real here, this is something im uploading for a friend who is no longer assoiciated with sim monsters and wanted it to get uploaded, this is a CLONE. Most of these parts i am not aware who made them, so if i mess it up please message me on discord or on the site (Hydroツ#6457) As stated by the original creator everything was made by Crazy, Diggerfan, and Wambo.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Hey! Im back again, this time with a track. This is my first track!
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