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  1. Cameron Perkins Truck- Walking tall Truck link- about to beee on sims Tag- Hydroツ#6457
  2. nice! always looking forward to your projects these look great. Cool addition on the high beams, thats very interesting.
  3. More progress. Here's some info on this specific gunslinger (pack) I'll probably end up dividing it by the chassis, so gunslinger II would have its own pack, and gunslinger IIII would have its own pack and so on. I've gotten a lot of progress with the nodebeam and getting the handling realistic (thanks to Blake Thompson and Will Meyer). With that i've also gotten a lot of the modeling done, this will feature new 4link models, new shock models (king coil shafts and shocks), new 4link models, ect. No telling when the project will be completed but I have plans of finishing it in the near future. Be on the lookout for future updates for this project. theres also this: The o.g Gunslinger, not too much progress since the photo i posted last time. I'vealso been working towards getting the models done, the props are completed and ready to be exported. This version above has had some differences with handling and wheelbase. According to my calculations and info, the gunslinger above has the exact wheelbase, width, and height as the real thing. The body is off I think so thats why it may not look as it is. Welp thats all for this little update, I should be able to push out another one soon enough.
  4. i can possibly help with models if you need.
  5. Sucks to hear the news today. With the passing of Scott Hartsock i'm gonna finish this project strong. The pack will include every gunslinger from 2000-2020. I want this project to be as good and as accurate as possible, if you have photos of the truck i can use for reference dm me on the site or on discord @Hydroツ#6457.
  6. Name: Cameron Perkins Truck: Walking tall tag: Hydroツ#6457 link: dms
  7. good afternoon sim monsters community. big floppa.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Yo Pierre you wanna come out here Credits: Fern P3ForLife Kozak Camila SM Hydro/Chazzymp Edy/Andrew sheets
  9. "Dont go to the gas station to put gas in your car" - @Terron
  10. Version 1.0.0


    After about 6 months, this pack is finally done.
  11. spooderman (thanks to jedi presence for paint)
  12. hi, back again with some 2000s masterpieces. big thanks to mike bev who helped with the paint/body, aswell as john dough.
  13. Good afternoon sim monsters. I am back.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    About This File.
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