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6 years late.


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At this point i expect that a very small part of you don't know me!

When i joined the site i didn't even made a introduction post as many new guys do now. 

Thinking about it many of you may know me for the alias i used to use "Coconutmen" and think i really joined on 2012. Well that's not the case.

I joined Sim Monsters on May 27 with the alias of @wolo (Don't even ask where that came from), i was about 10-11 years old, and i got to know about the site in a way almost all of us did, i was watching a video on Youtube i see this fantastic monster truck game, it's not MTM2, see the comments, it's called "Rigs of Rods", and then i started going deeper and deeper until i found Sim Monsters!

As expected i got banned as @wolo a month or so after i joined Sim Monsters, for various reasons, the ones we don't know anything about because everyone forgot 乁( ⁰͡ Ĺ̯ ⁰͡ ) ㄏ

Then i created another account (As the smart kid i was) called @korno (In reference to my wold name "Wolo" and the name of the band "Korn") [Future movie director writing], i was quickly banned.

From that moment on, i knew i wasn't getting un banned, so yeah, started making my stuff by myself and relasing on this "free websites" we used to make.

Then what you say, i get a new computer, and well, i made a new account by the name of "Coconutmen", many used to call me "Coco", and well eventually every lie gets out and reveals into the world, everyone started knowing i was "Wolo", and well, i guess saying my name was "Edy Beltran" worked, lol.

Sadly, i wasn't banned.

But thanks to that i've been able to bring content and also make tons of friendships!

But yeah! That's me!

-Thanks from the bottom of my hearth, to everyone, Edson.


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