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Old generation of drivers vs New generation of drivers


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Thought would be interesting to create this thread.

Like in all the sports, the old generation of drivers are getting retired and a new generation of drivers comes in. Im not happy on how its happening in MJ, the old generation of drivers are getting retired but im not happy with most of the new generation of drivers.

From what i heard, FELD forced a few drivers to retire (Lupe soza, from what i heard). That bothers me because it makes me feel that FELD wants to replace the old drivers with these new "pretty faces", all the new drivers are close to 20 years old and that bothers me because the old ones putted a lot of effort when they started in the Monster Truck industry, but no, this new drivers are putted in the trucks from nothing, ik the MJ university exists but still...

A little "comparison" between both generations driving style (not all have the same)

Most of the old drivers dont do this "new moves" like the moonwalk, stoppie, etc. They just do big air and very nice saves what i like. The sad part is that some of them are retired or going to retire soon (Dennis Anderson is the saddest one for me). Ryan anderson is another thing, he makes both and he has a lot of talent

The new drivers just do this new moves and nothing else (some do the other moves aswell). Is the only thing they know to do, Tyler Menninga has a lot of talent and he shows it. I know that the new drivers dont have a lot of chances to go to a stadium but still, some drivers have the chance but they do the same arena moves. But i guess they will get used to stadiums soon.

I dont like the idea that FELD is forcing the old drivers to retire and they put this new "pretty faces" in the trucks without knowing how good they are, there are some good new drivers but most of the drivers do the same moves and that bothers me.

What do you think?

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I don't want to see this become the NFL where once you turn 30 you're considered "old." I honestly like mid-range drivers, they're seasoned but aren't too old so we'll see them stick around for a good couple more years. Ryan Anderson, Morgan Kane, and Todd LeDuc are great examples of this, they started not all THAT long ago but are still in great shape and can perform some great shows. New drivers aren't as experienced and can't pull off some of the great things that their machines can do, and old drivers are, get this, old, and their bodies are growing weaker and they have to go easier on the truck and themselves to prevent injuries that take much longer to heal than before. Dennis was out for a good chunk of the 2017 season because of a broken back, which wouldn't have taken as long to heal before but he underestimated his healing time and got back in the Digger too soon. The flood of new drivers and new talent is one of the main reasons I have a hard time keeping up with new Monster Jam, and the breaking down and disappearance of old drivers is one of the main reasons I like watching older Monster Jam.

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