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Summer Heat Race 3: Rocky Mountain Raceway

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Rocky Mountain Raceway brings us the third event in the KOTH Mini-Series and brings us probably the second hardest course in the series. The figure 8 course is very tight and demanding for every driver on the circuit.

A few notes about this week:

1. If you don't know the track, or how to run it, go and find a video of Monster Truck racing at RMR. I'm not explaining it or showing it to anybody this week. You want to run in this series, know your stuff. I had to explain last week to TWO people how a straightline course was ran, i'm sure you can figure this one out on your own.

2. I'm being told that there will be a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT again i say a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT after the event tomorrow night. So, i suggest even if you don't qualify into the feild, that you stick around and watch Sim-Monsters.com for this announcement.

Again, i say:



  1. Josh Rhodes, Half Breed: 25.71
  2. Steve Harlow, TMNT: 26.35
  3. Eric Myers, Iron Outlaw: 26.59
  4. Ryan McCauley, Backdraft: 26.69
  5. Sierra Sterling, Scarlet Bandit: 26.72
  6. Tim Smith, Bigfoot: 26.75
  7. Casey Graves, Grave Digger: 27.02
  8. Stephen Hopkins, Lucas Oil Stabilizer: 27.19
  9. Tyler May, Shock Therapy: 27.72
  10. Chris Kaelin, Grinder: 27.96
  11. Michael Murry, Maximum Destruction: 27.97
  12. Michael Desroaches, Black Stallion: 28.19
  13. Sean Kozak, Wildfoot: 28.64
  14. That Name I Cant Pronounce, Taz: 28.65
  15. Zack Steele, Mohawk Warrior: 29.11
  16. Jordan Robson, Bounty Hunter: 29.75
  17. Dallas Van Vorst, Monster Mutt: 30.68
  18. Zach Nicholas, 106.7: 34.00
  19. Magnus Birkelund, El Toro Loco: 37.31

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