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V4 ReplicaIron Warrior Update 3-pack

P3ForLife Customs

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Iron Warrior Update 3-pack

Ive had these on my computer for a while and figured its time to finally let it go since uploads are coming a little slow right now. Hope you like it.

Truck: @dd07205

Node: @rockgod88

Rims: @fernBurn & @rockgod88 ?

Repaint on body and rims: ME ( @P3ForLife )


1.copy this: 
28,25,9, 0.50, 0.50, 0.85, 0, -90, 0, IWChassis.mesh
28,25,9, 0.60, 0.50, 1.28, 0, -90, 0, 

2.go into the .truck file and paste. (Heres a video for Clarification VV)


Any Complaints or anything,  PM and I'll Try to help you out and update the pack to include what's needed.


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