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Sneak peek at my first custom truck!


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I wanted to make a truck from scratch but suck at 3D design and don't have a powerful enough computer to do it anyway. But I can do graphic design and know how to edit texture files on a truck so I put myself to work and made my own truck.

I used Metal Mulisha as a base for the truck and went from there. All the design you see on the truck body is me.

Guys, gals, and non-binary pals, I present to you my first truck, Titanic !

I am obsessed with the history of RMS Titanic and since I was thinking of joining a league soon I wanted to stand out on my own and have a truck that was mine.

Here it is. 5 hours of my night. All for Titanic version 1.

This truck will be a closed custom whenever it gets posted as I intend to use it as my personal truck whenever I join a league.

Video: https://streamable.com/vio9ti (note: as I said, my computer isn't that powerful so bear with me on the frame rate and graphics quality. there's also a notification in there too)

Images:https://imgur.com/a/wLrcwkU (the 'tailgate" says "April, 15th 1912: A Night Remembered"


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1 hour ago, ABgamerX said:

You probably could've posted this in Show Your Projects instead if creating a new thread for it

Oop. Sorry. I'm still new here.

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