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(7/23/21) FBS: Midnight OG V4 Pack Fun Run (Star Spangled Spectacular I)

Brad Kerlin

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On Friday we will see FBS: Midnight OG V4 Pack Fun Run! This event will be open to everyone at SM and is not a official event for Freestyle Battle Series. This event is just for fun and won't affect anyone's official records or rankings. For this event we are heading to Star Spangled Spectacular I! This track is absolutely massive and has huge and crazy obstacles to help fill out the space. But these drivers and used to the truck settings they will be running here, so we will see who truly can master the track, and their truck. See you on the track! 


Match Card: (Times are in EST) 

11:00 PM - TBA v. TBA 
11:15 PM - TBA v. TBA 
11:30 PM - TBA v. TBA 
11:45 PM - TBA v. TBA 
12:00 AM - TBA v. TBA 
12:15 AM - TBA v. TBA 
12:30 AM - TBA v. TBA 
12:45 AM - TBA v. TBA 


Track Link: 


Sign-Up Format: 


(In order to compete in this event you will have to use one of the trucks available in the V4 1 Pack which is linked below. You are not allowed to use any other trucks nor are you allowed to edit any settings of the trucks. Doing so will result in removal from the event. Sign-Ups cap at 16 drivers.)

Truck Pack Link: (is below bc now i can edit it woooo)



This event will be live streamed in the Sim-Monsters Discord voice chat. See you Friday night!

Field Of Competitors: 
1. Trevor Michalesko - Gunslinger
2. Eduardo Damian - Maximum Destruction
3. Felipe Cayres - Grinder
4. Ewan Ford - Cowboy
5. Trent Phung - California Kid
6. Adam Boyne - Iron Outlaw
7. Josh Gajewski - Monster Energy
8. Brad Kerlin - Excaliber
9. Devon Dunlap - Avenger

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