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  1. Josh Gajewski Rage Josh G.#1415
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Truck needed an update an well here it is Textures to anyone whos made anythig Paint Chris H/Me
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Made this a while ago Textures an Props to anyone whom has made anything on this site before ReUploaded Fixed file size
  4. Name: Josh Gajewski Truck: Bad Habit Relapse Truck Link
  5. Rage https://www.mediafire.com/file/rfvgfw4hq55xwid/Avenger2019PackChristmasUpdate.zip/file You know the rest
  6. Name: Josh Truck: Michigan Ice Monster Link: http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3298-michigan-ice-monster-sir/ Discord: Josh G.#1415
  7. Driver Name: Josh Gajewski Truck Link: Discord Name: Josh G.#1415
  8. Nodes an ride height are fine for the megas an yes they are sheets tires
  9. These have been the projects I've been working on since I have moved an have been working 2 jobs lemme know whatcha think guys!!! Crowd Pleaser used more as a Monster Truck Scrap Trap used more as a Mega Truck
  10. If anyone is interested in a Five M server on PC on GTA 5 online please join the discord link below We do lots of fun stuff such as drag racing, street racing, drifting, off roading etc. We are open to any ideas that you may have for us and have a lot of custom things that some other communities may not have. Please MSG Blasterjo (Co-Owner) for an interview for the server. The interview takes about 5 minutes. We also have COPS/FIRE/EMS. After you get in server you cna apply to become any of these things. https://discord.gg/jbeqdw2 been working with these guys for a few days an this server is fun they have Drag Cars Offroad trucks an much much more its a very fun time guys come check it out............
  11. Well, Guys its that time of the year the World Finals is apon us an here we go fill out the brackets an have a good time! DDS BRACKET https://challonge.com/WorldFinalsXXDDSBracket2 WF Racing Bracket https://challonge.com/WorldFinalsXXRacingBracket
  12. Name: Josh Gajewski Truck: Black Pearl Link: Discord: Gajuuicekey#1415 
  13. Josh Gajewski Gajuuicekey#1415 Hooked
  14. Who gave you that Max-D 2018?


  15. Josh Gajewski AXE Gajuuicekey#1415
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