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Updating to 3.2.0

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Durring the next 4-5 hours you may experience brief downtime, or errors with the site, we are updating to the latest release of the ip.board software. This will change the layout slightly and improve and creat a much more professional forums. I hope you all enjoy the update. Any problems experienced need to be addressed to me.

What's new in IP.Board 3.2!

In addition to this list there are countless other minor improvements and changes based on client feedback too numerous to mention.

Calendar Improvements

SEO Improvements
Simplification and interface changes
iCalendar support

Moderator Functions

Report Center improvements
Editing Member improvements
Moderator Control Panel

New Text Editor

New editor and auto-save
Cleaner interface, quick reply, quick quoting
New post alert while typing reply


New style
New "like" reputation mode
Easy member management
Improved restrictions
Forum Management
Remote skin editing

Core Functionality

View new content and topic marking improvements
New Photo Editor
Shared media
Tagging and prefixes
Notification enhancements
New mobile skin
Facebook, Twitter, and mobile updates
Visual Skin Editor[/code]

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