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Official Monster Truck 2023 Thread


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I wasn't stopped last time making this, so here I go again...


Here's what we currently know about the upcoming 2023 season regarding Monster Trucks!


- Just Get Er Done II will be making it's first quarter return to Monster Jam, competing in Arena Championship Series Central.

- Spider-Man is one of numerous Marvel trucks confirmed to be returning for Monster Jam, in both US and International shows.

- Max-D will be sporting a special 20th anniversary scheme for the 2023 Season, dubbed as "Max-D XX".

- GunSlinger has been purchased by Mike Harper, along with the hauler.




- After five years of driving for Badlands Racing, Bailey Shea is back in Monster Jam. She will be joining Team Throttle Monster to drive Monster Mutt Dalmatian on the Kamikaze chassis for Arena Championship Series West, as the teammate to Dalton Widner's Jurassic Attack.

- Mikayla Tulachka will be making her Monster Jam debut on Arena Championship Series Central, driving Megalodon on the Miss Get Er Done chassis, This makes her only the second female to drive Megalodon, with the first being Kristen Hope in 2018 on the Razin' Kane chassis.

- Linsey Read will make her first quarter return since 2020, driving Monster Mutt Dalmatian for Arena Championship Series East.

- Dalton Widner will be making his first quarter arena debut in Jurassic Attack for Arena Championship Series West. Fellow Team Throttle member David "Too Tall" Olfert will also be making his first quarter stadium debut in Velociraptor for Stadium Championship Series Red.


Monster Jam:

- According to the 2023 Season Kickoff Stream, all of the tours revealed are not fully confirmed yet, meaning that there are spots that will still need to be filled. A Driver's Summit will be held in November to announce the rest of the lineups, as well as new trucks/designs.

- Monster Jam World Finals XXII will be held in Nashville, TN on July 1st, making this the first time since World Finals XIII to have all competitions held on one day. The Awards Ceremony will be held the following day, qualifying will also be open to the public again.


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(If you want to give me some tips and tricks on how to improve this, then dm me on Discord: Chaos2TheMax#8628)

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14 hours ago, bulldogear1050 said:

why is no one making any mods anymore?

Content creators have lives too, it doesn't just revolve around creating mods for people.

(Also, not trying to be rude, but this thread isn't really the best place to be asking that)

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Lot's of new stuff, so let's dive right into it.

In The Monster Jam World

- Former FTI Torque driver Jamie Sullivan has joined FELD Motorsports. She will be driving Monster Mutt Dalmatian on Arena Championship Series Central.

- Another newcomer, Ashley Sanford, will drive Megalodon on Arena Championship Series West.

- Frank Krml will be piloting Stone Crusher on Arena Championship Series East, alongside teammate Chad Tingler, who will drive Zombie on the Hooked chassis.

- Jamey Garner will be driving El Toro Loco on his Over Bored chassis for Stadium Championship Series Red.

- David Olfert has been moved to Arena Championship Series West, with Travis Mowery taking David's place on Stadium Championship Series Red.

- Hunter Souza will be driving EarthShaker on his Wrecking Machine chassis, as the teammate to Dalton Widner's Jurassic Attack.

- Todd Leduc will be driving Megalodon on Stadium Championship Series Red.

- Joe Foley and Chris Koehler will be making their First Quarter Monster Jam Debuts! Joe will be driving Axe on his Koehler chassis, while Chris will be driving Monster Mutt on the Brutus chassis.

- Colt Stephens will be the final slot on Stadium Championship Series Blue piloting the new ThunderROARus.

- Travis Mowery's Velociraptor will have a blue shell, with green teeth and nails.

- Charlie Pauken will move to the international tour, leaving Monster Mutt (and Rottie) to drive Megalodon.


In The Independent World

- Trantina has bought the Quad Chaos/Holeshot name and body from Jerry Beck, and is expected to announce more arrivals into the stable soon.

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Well, we are finally in 2023, and oh boy, have lots of things changed. (How I have been keeping up with these threads, I have no idea lol)

With this in hand, let's dive right in and start with the Monster Jam World!!


Monster Jam

- After many, many months of waiting. ThunderROARus has finally been revealed. The "Apex Predator" made it's debut yesterday night at SnapDragon Stadium in San Diego, CA. Colt Stephens will drive the truck on Stadium Championship Series Blue, while Tony Ochs will pilot a second ThunderROARus on the Soldier Fortune Black Ops chassis for Arena Championship Series Central. It was also shown that the mouth of the truck has an opening mechanism that will be displayed for pit parties, and closed for better vision in competition.

- Iconic country duo LOCASH will perform on stage at Monster Jam World Finals XXII as a halftime show.


Next up is the independent world!!

Independent World

- James Trantina III has been making quite alot of noise in the industry for the past few months. He has purchased the following: Ice Cream Man name and chassis (From RKMT), and both RKMT PEI chassis that recently ran as Razin Kane and FTI Torque, leaving JR with the old display truck (Better known as the OG Razin Kane chassis). USA-1 has also debuted a new Chevy C-10 body for the 2023 season. Bear Foot is also set to debut a new scheme sometime soon. 

- Joe Urie has returned back to the monster truck world, after his career was put on halt during the 2020 season. He will be piloting Ice Cream Man for Triple B Motorsports.

- Rookie driver Tommy Varilone (Known for driving Hang Loose for Monster Truckz) will be the new driver of Lone Wolf for Triple B, due to Tanner competing overseas for HWMTL.

- Team Throttle Monster are officially the new owners of the Jurassic Attack name. The name had recently been a partnership with Don Frankish and Team Throttle for the last two years.

- Mike Harper has also made quite alot of noise in the independent world as well, purchasing Split Personality, Reptoid, Turbulence, and Black Gold.

- Speaking of Monster Truck Wars, our boy @Preston Pérez will be piloting a second Outlaw on the PEI Toxic chassis.

- Due to the Razin Kane chassis being sold to Trantina, Buddy Tompkins has joined the Robbins team! He will be piloting both Krazy Train and Plane Krazy for the 2023 All Star Monster Truck Tour Championship Series, until the new RKMT trucks are ready.

- Jerry Beck has purchased a new Eddie chassis, expanding Badlands Racing to three race trucks (Dirt Crew, Dozer, and the new Eddie chassis). This new truck is set to debut at Rio Rancho, NM, for the opener event of Toughest Monster Truck Tour.

- Obsession racing has acquired a new CRD chassis, after the old DKP chassis was sold off to become the race truck version of The Veteran. It is unknown when the new truck will be ready.

- Double Action Motorsports is currently working on a brand new tractor monster truck, as a teammate to Devastator, it is set to debut sometime later in 2023.

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8 hours ago, Chaos2TheMax said:


- After many, many months of waiting. ThunderROARus has finally been revealed. The "Apex Predator" made it's debut yesterday night at SnapDragon Stadium in San Diego, CA.

That had to have been the weirdest truck reveal ever.

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On 1/6/2023 at 6:39 PM, litl_e_fan said:

That had to have been the weirdest truck reveal ever.

Funny enough, they did the same reveal at both San Diego shows, as well as Tony's at the Greensville shows.

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Since January is pretty much almost over, figure it's time to take a look back at Month 1 of the 2023 Monster Truck Season! (Yes this will be a regular thing)

Monster Jam

- After a disappointing start in Oakland thanks to a blown motor, Tom Meents is quickly picking the pace back up in Max-D XX. Tom stands at 117 points, currently tied for third with Bryce Kenny in Great Clips Mohawk Warrior, as Stadium Championship Series Red heads to Miami this week for two action-packed shows!

- Tyler Menninga continues to dominate his tour in Grave Digger, as he's grabbing multiple competition and overall event wins like there's no tomorrow. Ryan Anderson is not too far behind, with a 35-point deficit. Stadium Championship Series Blue heads to Houston this week for two Texas-style Throwdowns!

- "Teeny" continues to do what he does best, as he dominates his series through month 1. Arena Championship Series East heads to Newark this week with four shows!

- The reigning World Finals Racing Champion surprises nobody, as he continues to holds the lead in his series, battling the likes of Coty Saucier, and Tony Ochs. Arena Championship Series Central heads to The US capitol for three action-packed shows!

- After taking a week off, Arena Championship Series West heads to Sacramento for three shows! Elvis Lainez leads in points, with reigning Arena Championship Series West Champion, Krysten Anderson, in fourth place.

- Matt Cody joins FELD Motorsports, after crewing with Vaters Motorsports for 13 years, driving Grave Digger on the International Tour

- It seems like Monster Jam is bringing in new drivers left and right, as Chelsea VanCleave will make her Monster Jam competition debut in February, driving Blue Thunder & Zombie (For South Africa) for the International Tour! 

- Trophy Truck Driver Brandon Arthur will also make his Monster Jam competition debut in February, driving El Toro Loco for the International Tour!

- Myranda Cozad moves to Monster Mutt Dalmatian for the International Tour, after piloting Scooby-Doo! for nearly five years.

- Brittany Marcotte moves to Scooby-Doo! for the International Tour, after piloting Zombie for three years.

- Charlie Pauken found himself a spot in the International Tour as well, shelving Monster Mutt once again to drive Megalodon!


Independent World

- Trantina's Bear Foot debuted a brand new body and scheme for 2023! The truck now sports a 4th Generation Dodge Ram, with a slick black paint scheme, which some may faintly remember from the early 2000s.

- Jerry Beck debuted his third race truck, called "Maximus" at Rio Rancho for Toughest Monster Truck Tour, with Daron Basl as the main driver!

- After going on hiatus for nearly two years, Kevin King returns to the monster truck world! He will be piloting Quad Chaos for Triple B Racing at select All Star Monster events, with his first event being this week in Norman Park.

- Cory Snyder in Toxic leads the 2023 All Star Monster Truck Championship Series heading into Norman Park!



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Since I also forgot to post about this as well...


The Monster Jam All Star Challenge is back!

Dubbed The "SuperStar Challenge", the event will take place at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, in November.

Two teams will battle head-to-head in Racing, Best Trick, and Freestyle!

This is an event nobody will want to miss! 

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