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Official Monster Truck 2023 Thread


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I wasn't stopped last time making this, so here I go again...


Here's what we currently know about the upcoming 2023 season regarding Monster Trucks!


- Just Get Er Done II will be making it's first quarter return to Monster Jam, competing in Arena Championship Series Central.

- Spider-Man is one of numerous Marvel trucks confirmed to be returning for Monster Jam, in both US and International shows.

- Max-D will be sporting a special 20th anniversary scheme for the 2023 Season, dubbed as "Max-D XX".




- After five years of driving for Badlands Racing, Bailey Shea is back in Monster Jam. She will be joining Team Throttle Monster to drive Monster Mutt Dalmatian on the Kamikaze chassis for Arena Championship Series West.

- Mikayla Tulachka will be making her Monster Jam debut on Arena Championship Series Central, driving Megalodon on the Miss Get Er Done chassis, This makes her only the second female to drive Megalodon, with the first being Kristen Hope in 2018 on the Razin' Kane chassis.

- Linsey Read will make her first quarter return since 2020, driving Monster Mutt Dalmatian for Arena Championship Series East.

- Dalton Widner will be making his first quarter arena debut in Jurassic Attack for Arena Championship Series West. Fellow Team Throttle member David "Too Tall" Olfert will also be making his first quarter stadium debut in Velociraptor for Stadium Championship Series Red.


Monster Jam:

- According to the 2023 Season Kickoff Stream, all of the tours revealed are not fully confirmed yet, meaning that there are spots that will still need to be filled. A Driver's Summit will be held in November to announce the rest of the lineups, as well as new trucks/designs.

- Monster Jam World Finals XXII will be held in Nashville, TN on July 1st, making this the first time since World Finals XIII to have all competitions held on one day. The Awards Ceremony will be held the following day.


 *edited on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022 at 11:14 AM est

(If you want to give me some tips and tricks on how to improve this, then dm me on Discord: Chaos2TheMax#8628)

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14 hours ago, bulldogear1050 said:

why is no one making any mods anymore?

Content creators have lives too, it doesn't just revolve around creating mods for people.

(Also, not trying to be rude, but this thread isn't really the best place to be asking that)

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FELD recently trademarked the name "Thunderroarus"

We don't know if this is a new truck yet or not. But it would be very neat to see the concept, if, this becomes a truck.

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