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(Official Tracks)Anahiem


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File Name: Anahiem

File Submitter: liquidfire215

File Submitted: 05 Nov 2010

File Category: Sim-Monsters Season 1

Week 2 of Sim monsters is here, and brings a new track to tear into.
This is a very tricky layout so be prepared to take a few spills before mastering this track.
Thanks to Casey Graves for the textures, and a big thanks to everyone who made this track better for everyone else.

Click here to download this file

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Liquid, these tracks are awsome! Great work, nice track layouts.

I have two questions though, I'm trying to figure out which way the racing goes because it could go either way. On the last jump do you go up the table top on the side with the flames or the blank side? And, is there going to be an interfierence rule if a truck makes a wide turn and goes into the other lane?

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i could download stuff before but now is only gose to like 300 to 400 kb then says it's done and then i go to open it says compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or coroupt can someone help me please?

I'm not 100% on this but your bandwidth might be full

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