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(TRUCKS) Various Bigfoots

Sergeant Politeness

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This isn't one truck, but it's from the same team. I'm pretty much killing many birds with the same stone by putting all of them into one topic.

Truck: Bigfoot Nation

Body: Bigfoot F-150 Body (Same for the rest of these except the last one)

Chassis: Bigfoot 16 Chassis

Paint: Pretty much a flat black base with white letters

Photo: dsc_0323-002.jpg

Truck: Odyssey Batteries Bigfoot

Chassis: Bigfoot 10 (or 15) chassis

Paint: Blue with Odyssey Battery colors in the middle

Photo: 2012_0428erie_pa0039.jpg

Truck: E3 Spark Plugs Bigfoot 2012

Chassis: Bigfoot 15 Chassis

Paint: Inverse of the previous E3 scheme

Photo: rl_champ.jpg

Truck: Vi-Cor Bigfoot "Bessie"

Chassis: Bigfoot 11

Paint: White with black cow spots about the truck

Photo: vicor2.jpg

Truck: Firestone Destination Summer

Chassis: Bigfoot 14

Paint: Tan top, blue bottom with palm trees, a black highway and a "Destination Summer" logo

Photo: may12_500.jpg

And finally

Truck: Speed Energy Bigfoot

Body: Bigfoot 18 Body

Chassis: Bigfoot 19(Robby's CRD Chassis)

Paint: Orange with the Speed Energy logo and Robby's number 7 on the roof

Photo: 458530_10150775484156873_1545468899_o.jpg

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