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Fun Run: Sydney 2013 - Wednesday, March 12th

Preston Pérez

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I decided to host a fun run in the middle of the week! A lot of people usually don't host things on Wednesday's due to school and work, but this is for the people that don't have too much going on this week and would like something to do! Even if you have school, this event will be ran after school hours so just hope you don't have too much homework! ;)



Sydney 2013

Sydney 2013 FPS Version




Event Times:

Qualifying Opening/Closing Times: 

Session 1: CLOSED

Session 2: CLOSED

Session 3: CLOSED

Chat Opens: Wednesday, March 12th @ 7:00 EST

Drivers Meeting: Once everyone has joined the chat.

Event Starts: Wednesday, March 12th @ 7:30 EST


Event Info:

Qualifying will be done through AIM, please message prestonsperez@live.com to qualify.


Top 20 trucks will qualify in the show! Anyone afterwards is a fill-in! (All depending on how many sign-up).


Customs are allowed! Please sign-up like this...





Link (If add-on):


Qualifying Results (after session 3 of 3)https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoQFfSsKBEY9dGNFaDJ6Wk1qd182U00tOU92QWhTZ0E#gid=0



01. Preston Perez - Newedle

02. Daniel Donnelly - Black Stallion

03. Antonio Rubal - Shockwave

04. Joshua Micks - Monster Energy

05. John Morrison - Scooby-Doo!

06. Chadwick Deerfoot - Bad Dawg

07. Trevor Amos - Goldberg

08. Andrew Sheets - Captain America

09. Dalton Widner - Monster Patrol (Custom)

10. Yovany Rayos - El Toro Loco (2013)

11. Aaron Cruickshank - Grave Digger #27

12. Edy Beltran - Doomsday

13. Jose Garcia - Texas Outlaw

14. Brandon Garcia - Grave Digger The Legend

15. Alex Lindgren - Scorched

16. Nick Loynes - Son-Uva Digger

17. Trenton Ray - Barbarian

18. Michael Murray - Savage X

19. William Epps - Khaos

20. Jon Cannon - Southern Star

21. Aaron Schultz - Pure Insanity

22. Josh Gajewski - Michigan Wolverines

23. Jeremiah Price - Stone Crusher

24. Gavin Hill - Bounty Hunter

25. Matt Wilkinson - Excaliber

26. Danny Maass - Chillin' Villain

27. Devin Doss - Bad News Travels Fast

28. Julian Baumann - Blue Thunder




Hope to see you there!!!!

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Message prestonsperez@live.com to qualify!


This session will be from now... 8:30 PM EST to 10:00 EST.


No practice laps!


(I understand not many have signed up yet, but this is for those who want to get their qualifying pass over with now... If you have not signed up yet, do that first before you ask me to qualify!)


LIVE QUALIFYING RESULTShttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoQFfSsKBEY9dGNFaDJ6Wk1qd182U00tOU92QWhTZ0E#gid=0

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