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MJ 2002: Pittsburgh, PA


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Alright, I require a bit of some older Monster Jam knowledge, or at least a hand in searching for some old results buried in the dark corners of the interwebs.

I recently found my old photos from when I went to my first Monster Jam show back in 2002, in Pittsburgh, where I was only four at the time. I specificly remember wandering around in the Pit Party, seeing Grave Digger and Eradicator up close and person, really cool moment for my young self.

I was wonder if anyone would be able to dig up some results, and or field of trucks, with the drivers names and such, since it's been killing me, who drove Digger at that show. I'd also like to find what truck number that was. Definatly be pre-20 era, maybe around 15-17 ish. I dunno. At any rate, hope I can find some bit information on it, since I can't really remember much of the show. Thanks fellas.

EDIT: Just remembered that it was probably early in the year, probably January to Feburary.

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