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World Finals & Young Guns Bracket Point Totals


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So Y'all did a bracket for the Young Guns and World Racing Championship. Post your brackets with the point totals using the following scale by Danny Mackey for the World Finals:


Round 1  Winner Correct: 1 Point

Round 2 Winner Correct: 2 Points

Round 3 Winner Correct: 4 Points

Semi-Finals Winner Correct: 8 Points

Finals Winner Correct: 16 Points



Use this scale for Young Guns:

Round 1: 1 Point

Round 2: 2 Points

Semi-Finals: 8 Points

Finals: 16 Points

*If your race is wrong, deduct that amount from your score!


Here is the Actual World Finals Bracket by worldfinals:




Here is the actual Young Guns Bracket by Me:





Post your Brackets by Friday (3/28) at 5:00 CST. If you are the top of each event: Um, anyone want to allow them to beta test a new truck/track? PM me if you want to offer that prize. 











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