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Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport


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Given the choice between the two: Forza Motorsport.


I started out playing GT2. I played GT3 and GT4. My friend and I also checked out GT6 and were very unimpressed. 


I started playing Forza 2, and have every game in the series onward.


For me, I never could get the feel of the car in really any GT game. I also didn't like some of the arcadey physics, or the way you bounced off walls when you hit them. Having played GT6, I have a number of graphical/render complaints with the game. The cars looked out of place in the environment, some on track textures look off, and again, the dull, boring, lackluster physics that have plagued the game since GT2. The sound is also quite a let down, and what is with the tire screeching at the slightest steering input?


I do like the detail of the windshield, and the ability to change your driver's race suit.


Forza Motorsport let me feel like I have actual control of any car I drove. I love the decal editor. I had never seen a game have an extensive suit for making custom paint jobs for a car before. The only game I knew of that let you custom freehand paint vehicles was Top Gear Rally on the N64, so having the ability to create custom race liveries was a major plus for me. I like being able to sell my designs on the storefront. The online play is fun. My best friend and I have wasted too many hours in the Tag mode. Pus it includes Top Gear content and the TG test track.


I absolutely love Forza Motorsport. We all have our own tastes, so anything I said against GT is not meant to insight a war between games. I merely voiced my opinions on both games. For me, Forza is the better of the two.

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Honestly I have enjoyed both series (I own Gran Turismo 1-4 and Forza 2-4 and Horizon) and have logged more time then I care to admit on here playing them. If you told me I could only play one or the either for the rest of my life I would be fine with either choice.

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While i have GT5 and have logged many hours into it i personally enjoy Forza more. I like some of the additional stuff in GT like the windshield wipers that could be used along with the lights. But i think Forza 4 in my opinion looks a little bit better and i prefer how the car handles better in Forza.

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