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Arlington 2011 - Thursday, May 8th @ 5:45 EST

Preston Pérez

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I decided I am going to give this another go. I am going to start this fun run earlier this time due to most of you having work and/or school on Friday morning. Most never sign up because of that reason but let's see how this goes. I hope to get a good showing, especially since there will be no limit as to how many people can get into this event even though we will still have qualifying. so without further ado, here are the event details...



Arlington 2011





Wednesday, May 7th @ 3:30 PM EST - 10:00 PM EST

Thursday, May 8th @ 1:30 PM EST - 5:25 PM EST


Event Time:

Thursday, May 8th @ 5:45 PM EST


Live Results:

Qualifying - Click Here!

Racing - Click Here!

Freestyle - Click Here!


Sign-up Details:

You may sign-up in any truck you desire, as long as it is not from the leafer pack.


Please sign-up like this...


Name: Preston Perez

AIM: prestonsperez@live.com

Truck: Spider-Man

Link (If needed): V4 Pack




01. Preston Perez - Spider-Man

02. Antonio Rubal - Bounty Hunter

03. Trevor Amos - Black Stallion

04. Daniel Donnelly - Overkill Evolution

05. Zach Nicholas - Night Strike

06. Joshua Micks - Maximum Destruction

07. Alex Lindgren - Monster Energy

08. Bob Jones - Blue Thunder

09. Seth Holloway - Unstoppable 2

10. Noah Chiasson - Son-Uva Digger

11. Jay Harper - Grave Digger The Legend

12. Daniel Simon - Shark Bite

13. Aaron Lurie - Grave Digger

14. Edy Beltran - Bad Habit

15. Trenton Shaw - Tornado Jockey

16. Chace Leahy - Lucas Oil Crusader

17. Bryce Cudmore - Advance Auto Parts Grinder

18. Yovany Rayos - The Patriot

19. David Trevino - Bulldozer

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