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Fun Run @ Philadelphia 2010


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This is a replica only track. Only V4, Edy's Pack, and Chris's pack


this is going to be later at 4:00 est


Qualifying is from now till 3:30 est


the track link: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1496-philadelphia-2010-2014-edition/


You will sign up like this:


NAME: Aaron Cruickshank

AIM: ajcjm100@hotmail.com

TRUCK: Grave Digger XX 2013

WHAT PACK: Chris's


This is my second fun run. Also Preston Perez is most likely co-hosting with me but im not sure so have fun.



List Of Trucks:


Aaron Cruickshank - Grave Digger XX 2013

Seth Holloway - Maximum Destruction (Elliot)

Zach Steele - Red Solo Truck

Blake Thompson - Grave Digger The Legend

Andrew Sheets - Donkey Kong

Isiah Brown - Monster Energy

Jeremiah Riter - Son-Uva Digger

Preston Perez - Team Hot Wheels Firestorm

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