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Fun Run at World Finals 13


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Hey, so I've been wanting to start a league for a while, and I want to do a fun run to see if I want to run a league or not. So, that's why I started this. Here's the info about it.


Date/time: 6/20/14 from 12:00-hopefully about 3:00 or so

Note: All times are in Central Time.


It will be Monster Jam Style Qualifying (so i'll need 1 or 2 timers)


First 24 people to sign-up are in.


V4 Trucks Only.


Track Link: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/587-world-finals-13/


I need 3 judges, and even if you're driving a truck you can be a judge.

I also would like someone to be the server guy.


Sign-up like this:

Name: Bob Jones

AIM: danielw@visi.com

Truck: Grave Digger XX (Purple)



List of trucks:

Bob Jones - Grave Digger XX (Purple)

Dominic Hocutt - Captain USA

Joseph Dionne - Monster Energy

Aces98 - Avenger Revamped

isaiahbrown2000 - Metal Mulisha

Julian Baumann - The Legend

Aaron Cruickshank - Northern Nightmare (also judge and timer)

Blake Thompson - Maximum Destruction

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