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RORWR S1E3 Detroit 2011 6/19/14


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OK First off I understand this league now has a bad rep. That's from one event though. I hope some competitors are still running in this league. I also understand that people have an MROR Summer Fairground Series event tonight. I do as well. That's not stopping this league. Since they are starting around 5:30est We will open up the aim chat at 7:00est on the dot. Which means that since we will be running at a later time. We will have to have this event moving fast. I have acquired some new helpers and co-leaders so this league will never have an event like last week again. From now on RORWR will be using Challonge instead of Qualifying because that was part of the problem. So lets shoot for a great event tonight. The aim chat will now have a lot of rules. If you start an argument with another competitor and you are not trying to end the situation then you will automatically be kicked from the event. If you keep typing random things like "Cat and Dog Facts" (You know who you are).You will also be kicked.

Besides that here's the signups!

1.Jeremiah Price/Monster Energy


3.Will Meyer/Scooby Doo

4.Yovany Rayos/Spike

5.Avenger Wf15/Tristan Vickery


7.Marcus/Heavy Hitter

8.Nathan Smith/Bad News 2012

9.Austin Hopkins/Overkill Evolution

10.Blake Thompson/Grinder

11.Blue Thunder






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Sorry this is so late but Ladies and Gentlemen This event was very clean and went very smooth to the people that quit from the St.Louis event. You can ask people like Aces98 and IzonarYT this event was no where near as bad as last weeks. It went very smooth and we had no problems. Another Announcement is that there are people who sign up for events who dont have the right aim or who dont have aim at all. If you look at the sign ups page for the league I have a link to the correct version of aim. So to those people GET IT!! Besides that the Racing Winner was Josh Gajewski in Max D and The freestyle winner was Will Meyer(IzonarYT) in Scooby Doo. So lets shoot for another great event this Thursday. And last but not least here are the freestyle scores:


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