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[Custom] Ford Raptor Nitro Circus


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NAME: Nitro Circus (Ford Raptor)

BODY: Ford Raptor


PAINT: Same as the ol' V4 (Original) Nitro Circus, decal wise.

OTHER DETAILS: Would prefer the most recent set of Ukraines as we as Johan's set of rims that will fit the updated tires.


I ran the old school Nitro Circus truck in Dylan Bernier's Vegas event last week, and afterwards I thought the old girl could use a bit of some custom Sim-Monsters flair.  What I'd like to see is the same decals from Nitro Circus moved over onto a Raptor body.  Hood, sides, roof, tailgate, etc.  Main color is red and the bedsides and tailgate were black, I believe.


Also, the factory Ford Raptors have the side skirts, fenders and parts of the bumpers painted this really dark matte black color; I'd like to see that replicated on the truck as well.  Other than that, just put the headlights/grill and the taillights on the thing, and I'll be happy.


Shortest and easiest repli-custom truck ever right?  Yeah, I know.

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