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Fun Run World Finals 7 Custom Thursday 9/18/14


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I've been away from racing for sometime now and I have a day off and there are no leagues that are running on thursday so I was like, I'll make a fun run! The track we'll be using is Custom World Finals 7 made by Monster Jam Fan http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1648-custom-world-finals-7/ Customs and Replicas are both allowed and a cap of 16 sign ups will be placed. The rest of the sign ups will be considered fill ins but will be allowed to use the truck they wish if needed



6:00 PM EST- Aim Chat goes up

6:30 Drivers Meeting/Race Start


Sign Ups:
Dylan Bernier: Silver Dollar Monster Truck

Daniel Simon: 7/11 Slurpee

Voth: Murder Nova

Marcus Santana: Chevelle 13
Yovany Rayos: TMNT
Fernando Matrinez: Goblin
Zach Nicholas: Mountain Dew Code Red
Blake Thompson: Grave Digger
Seth Holloway: Wildstyle
Jack Mccarthy: MAX-D
Chace Leahy: Grinder
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