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Favorite/Least Favorite Paint Scheme/Body Style


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Decided to add least favorite as well. 



And all other backwards trucks.



Love the body style and 2014 scheme, but the chrome just didn't work. I feel like it kind of hid the truck's features such as the face because none of the shading is there. That, and the MaX-D logo looked cartoonish.

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Raminator 2014

Raminator 2010

Rammunition 2010

Rammunition 2006

Mopar Muscle

Captain's Curse

Bigfoot Power Wheels

Titan 2014 (WF's)

Monster Energy 

Grave Digger the Legend


Grave Digger Grandma

Blue Thunder (all schemes)

Carolina Crusher


Least Favorites:

Max-D 2013/2014 schemes (all)

El Diablo

Tasmanian Devil (Red one)
Speed Energy Bigfoot

4/5ths of the Fiberworx paints out there


Madusa (Pink and Gray versions)

Batman 2013/2014

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