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Monster Truck Chassis Help



So I'm trying to do a test on which chassis I FS the greatest in, and I am curious about the chassis / it's design.



What I know:
PEI Chassis have shocks that are straight up.

CRD Chassis have the shocks that are slanted.

Wilman, quite obvious, front engine.



What I want want to know:

What is the style of the Cohen Chassis?

Any other chassis types I forgot?


Thanks! :)  :)  :)  

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Interesting Experiment...

PEI's have a rectangular front, and usually have a PEI badge on it:



CRD Chassis are becoming the most popular chassis out there. They have a curly front end:


There are two variations of Cohen chassis. This is the old version:


New/Current Version:


Racesource Chassis are made by Pablo Huffaker. They look similar to PEI's, but have major differences:


Wilmans are a no brainer:


These are the most common chassis types. There are other manufacturers/fabricators out there. If the chassis in question looks nothing like these, chances are they are in-house customs. Nick Kozak (Outlawed) is our resident chassis guru, so I would talk to him with any other questions!

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