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Street Legal Successor


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My inner fanboy cant be contained


New Street legal racing Redline Follow up game being created on the unreal engine 4, launching kickstarter goal soon which i will update here.

Full modding support announced with multiplayer.


For those who dont know what street legal racing is, it was a game that came out about 10 years ago and gave you full customization of a car that you would assemble; Ex parts (seats, steering wheel, battery, body panels, glass, suspension( strut shock spring brake) engine (cam, crank, oilpan, block, heads, timing belt/chain, turbo, supercharger, intake, exhaust) and many more things

Here are a couple videos giving you and idea



The videos will depict major bugs due to the product never actually supporting mods.


Examples of some mods made by the community







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I had this game.. shoved a V10 in a Golf then slaughtered myself on the Nurburgring.


I never knew how to get the game to look that good though q.q


To make the game look better you need ENB settings that add ambient occlusion + sweetFX + force AA i haven't experimented too much with that yet


Had to fire the game up with all the talk, Who says mustangs have to be slow. Here is the 891 hp slowstang,made the engine bay transparent to show whats under the hood o.O


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