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Another new computer another problem with ror



Just like the last new comp I cant install 37.117 on this comp, and just like last time NO ONE will help or even respond...I get it all the way downloaded and run the installer and it shows the same damn error as last time and on my brothers computer. So, there is an issue with the file on here. So??

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well i had the same issue, your gonna have to download and install a later version and then run the configurator, then unless you have unforseen issues, it should work. i would suggest installing 37.126 then just downloading the folder for 37.117 and run the config, then should work

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-download and run 0.37.126 installer

-verify that it launches and works correctly

-remove Rigs Of Rods 0.37.126 folder from C:/Program Files

-download 0.37.117 from the software section

-extract folder in zip

-drop Rigs Of Rods37 into C:/Program Files

-check to see if game will launch correctly




let us know if that works

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