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Has a truck ever lost more than one wheel in a freestyle and kept going?


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Even just losing one wheel basically renders a truck useless, but anything more then that, is just crippling. You lose driving power to that wheel (and if the diff is open then the other tire never receives power) and you are constantly dragging your axle housing in the dirt. even worse if you lose a front tire then you will constantly be stopping forward movement anytime the weight of the truck falls on that corner (watch SUD from vegas this year to see what I mean).

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I have seen trucks lose more than one wheel before, but never continue. It doesn't make any sense to continue going with only two wheels left. If I were a driver, I would never continue even if I only lost one wheel. It's not worth it trying to keep going and risking more axle damage than there already is. Besides that, this year, I can name one case where two wheels were lost in a freestyle (and on one hit too). It was Brad Allen driving the Team Scream Racesource chassis (can't remember if it had the Brutus or Mega Bite body on it) at a show at Nutty Jerry's in Texas, and he had a big launch off of a bus stack and when he landed, I think both right side wheels came off like nothing.

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