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Monster Jam World Finals 16 Predictions


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I decided that it would be cool to make a prediction of which trucks will be competing in Las Vegas. I'm using some statistics from the FS1 series/MMJ. I'm also using the consideration that FELD just qualifies in others who aren't in the top 4 for the FS1 Series.  If there is no truck listed for the driver it simply means that I'm not sure which truck that they'll drive. I'm also predicting which trucks will make the top 4 for the FS1 Series. Here's my list:

*=top 4 in FS1 Series


Dennis Anderson (Grave Digger)

Tom Meents (Max-D)

Bounty Hunter (Jimmy Creten)

Northern Nightmare (Cam McQueen)

Son Uva Digger (Ryan Anderson)

Grave Digger the Legend (Adam Anderson)

Soldier Fortune (Chad Fortune)

Metal Mulisha (Todd LeDuc)

Marc McDonald (El Toro Loco)

Charlie Pauken* 

Neil Elliot*

Linsey Weenk (Lucas Oil Crusader)*

Colton Eichelberger

Morgan Kane

Overkill Evolution (Mike Vaters Jr)

Damon Bradshaw (Monster Energy)*

Scott Buetow (Team Hotwheels)

Mohawk Warrior (George Balhan)

Pablo Huffaker 

Candice Jolly (Monster Mutt Dalmation)

Donald Epindindio (Titan)

Jim Koehler (Avenger)

Alex Blackwell (Captain's Curse)

Gary Porter (Carolina Crusher)

Frank Krmel (FS1 Cleatus)

Dustin Brown


Steve Simms (Stone Crusher)

Sean Duhon (Zombie)

Norm Miller (NEA)

The Xtermigator (JR McNeal)



Prediction for YGS Winner

Coty Saucier


Prediction for Racing Champion

Adam Anderson


Prediction for Freestyle Champion

Charlie Pauken




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