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    Over 20 Years after this big yellow beast debuted in late 1999 (before a big majority of the kids on here we even born) comes a rebirth of the World Championship Wrestling sponsored Monster Jam Truck. Btw this is on Digger #20 Chassis. John Dough and I agreed this would look sweet and it does. -P.S. this was driven by the legendary Chuck Paukens at World FInals 1. Body & Paint - John Dough Tires - Sheets Wheels - Klayton Chassis - Kozak Props - Blaise All other parts to their rightful owners and makers lol idk bro. I havent done this in like 5 or 6 years.
  2. im with this guy, can we have a fire max d? please say yes say yes say yes say yes
  3. even 10/10 bro english do you?
  4. that had that had to be the cleanest and most perfect backflip so far this season imo
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