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  1. Yes, red oxide primer.
  2. Okay, about Garrett's paint -- I think the main issue is he mostly uses the basic palette colors from whatever editing program being used. This often gives the illusion of looking "cheap" or reminds one of clip art whereas custom colors don't as much. Another issue is there is no sheen to anything on the trucks, everything is flat, I can only assume his graphic card doesn't allow for any more. If so, turning up the graphics up for screenshots would help immensely. But overall most of the colors being used also do not work well together. Garrett, if you're serious about graphic design, I recommend reading a bit on color theory and studying existing designs that use lots of color (of any sort of object/product; painting, clothing, race cars, product packaging etc). One last thing I recommend (if you're serious about graphic design), find out if you have any sort of color blindness -- approximately 40% of men have some form of it so it's important to know. I hope none of this seems rude, I'm only trying to be helpful because I can tell you work very hard and are really trying. Keep it up, but take it slowly. @Garrett Hanson
  3. Is it just me, or does something feel off about the speed and overall physics? I believe someone used the term "floaty" previously, that's how it seems to me.
  4. Stage 4 carbon fiber chassis, ultra lightweight. The cab portion of the body is a part of the chassis, with "pterodactyl" doors.
  5. So all of these were made using RoR models and textures, no? Also, how is it performance wise compared to RoR? Does it use more or less system resources? RoR seems to hog a lot, but gives little in terms of graphics (IMO). My computer seems like it would fit the mid-performance requirements. The reason I ask is I haven't yet put my stage 4 trucks in RoR, so I'm wondering if I should bypass RoR and convert to BeamNG when the models are ready.
  6. I'm reading about BeamNG monsters for the first time right now. I remember trying this software when it was very new (and free, or am I thinking of something else?). So are these trucks made from RoR parts? And are there any improvements over RoR that make a BeamNG switch worth considering?
  7. Damn those look so much better than the actual Grave Digger trucks from the past twenty years.
  8. Ford stage 4 super steel Isoframe progress:
  9. I agree. I probably shouldn't respond in this thread so I'll keep it short, but I think that within the MT industry they have a reputation for not being durable, and they are not made in the US (none of the other companies are 100% American anyway); and they are mandatory in Monster Jam. They are probably made thinly which decreases durability, which *should* mean they weigh less; but at the same time trucks could easily adapt with modern technology and be made a lot lighter (which would mean the lighter tires would work just fine). I think people here dislike the logos. Just my observation.
  10. If you look at the toy, it seems like the paint shifts to a much darker green causing a lot more contrast between the green and the white graphics. I suggest darkening one of the spec files (if you are trying to accurately replicate the toy). But otherwise, I think this is cool. I like it much more than any Grave Digger livery post-GD12 when the purple was added.
  11. Crash helmets for the ladies.
  12. If you make all three spec maps different colors (in the blue area; one dark blue, one dark green, one dark purple), I think something close to the actual ChromaLusion paint could be achieved.
  13. http://monsterphoto.iwarp.com/runti.htm Now that I look at this truck again, there were many versions with slight variations with different Bigfoot logos (as they were hand-painted). As far as I can see, these are the main two that were used: Version 1 (yours) -- it wasn't long after the debut that the front bumper became solid blue. In the second photo you can see the true color: Version 2 -- ChromaLusion paint that shifted from blue, to green, to purple. Standing still, the blue was the same dark metallic blue-green as the non-shifting paint. Had a solid blue front bumper:
  14. Very cool! I remember seeing this truck in person a few times, the blue was a bit different than regular Bigfoot blue -- blue-green and metallic, and somewhat darker. Are you going to make the DuPont ChromaLusion version as well with the color-changing paint?
  15. That reminds me, years ago, the first axle I worked on was a modified version of the ZF axle available here. It looks somewhat close to what Bigfoot uses if anyone wants it (needs to be retextured):