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  1. Nice Story!
  2. The open diff idea is a great challenge! Finally another great idea!
  3. On the more part, it would be nice if you could convert Tampa Custom.
  4. Jeasus Christ, if he used V3, he used V3, leave him alone, anyone can build anything. Also, it's his first mod on SM so give him some slack...
  5. At the time of me typing this in, the views are at 2,222
  6. Oh I'll Come Again! XD Gr8 Map.
  7. Can someone tell me which monster truck company or whatever was here? Monster Truck Throwdown, The Toughest Monster Truck Tour, Or Something Else?
  8. Nice Mod! Im Daniel Walker
  9. Nevermind, I Found Out. Thanks For The Convert Help Helen! I Went To Open 0.4.6 And 0.4.5 But Mesa2000New By Edy, Every Time It Was Loading Mesa Into Group Terrain Folder Or Whatever It Is, My Game Crashes. I Alt Esc And I See The Error Say "The Terrain Name Cannot Be Empty". How Do You Fix This?
  10. I Tried This With Seattle 1999, But I Can't Figure Out How To Change The Files To .Terrn2 And TOBJ. Do You Go Into Properties? Just Needing An Explanation, I Think I Got It Once I Complete That.
  11. I think i did everything right, but it didn't work. Its a really simple map too. Heck, its not even Monster Jam, just a backflip of some kind.
  12. Oh My God, I Needed This For A ROR Tour. Thank GOD You Got The Permission!
  13. Nvm, i figured it out, forgot to tell you.
  14. Talking About The Controllers, I Had My XBOX One Controller Work With A Micro USB, But I Can't Find The Right Controller Download For .4 Can You Send Me One Or Direct Me To Someone?
  15. I Keep On Hearing About The V5 Pack, But I Can Never Find It. Is It Being Built, Or Is It Private? Im Really Confused. Also, It Would Be Amazing If I Could Have A Link To The Old Forums/Old Mods. I Know About The Time Machine Thingy, But It Only Goes To V3. It Would Be Awesome To See The Packs Before V3, But It Probably Doesnt Work. Thanks For Reading