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  1. MJFAN


    Which version of Rigs of Rods are you using?
  2. MJFAN


    Birmingham is only a one lane pad, this one is a two lane pad.
  3. MJFAN

    Logitech G27 map

    Okay! Hopefully it works! If it doesn't shoot me a PM and we'll see if we can get it working!
  4. MJFAN


    Either 0.38 or .4
  5. MJFAN

    Logitech G27 with RoR.4

    Hi! I was just wondering if anyone has gotten the G27 to work with 0.4. Every time I try it, it works until I touch the rear steer (which I have mapped to the red buttons on the shifter) then the game crashes. Any ideas or suggestions?
  6. MJFAN

    Logitech G27 map

    Try this: ; This input map is for: Logitech G27 Racing Wheel USB ; Axes: 3 ; Sliders: 2 ; POV/HATs: 1 ; Buttons: 23 ; Vector3: 0 ; Vector3Sensitivity: 2.28 ; created by Brickman, September 2012 ; BOAT BOAT_STEER_LEFT_AXIS JoystickAxis 0 0 LOWER BOAT_STEER_RIGHT_AXIS JoystickAxis 0 0 UPPER BOAT_THROTTLE_AXIS JoystickAxis 0 2 BOAT_THROTTLE_DOWN JoystickButton 0 21 BOAT_THROTTLE_UP JoystickButton 0 6 ; CAMERA CAMERA_CHANGE JoystickButton 0 17 ; CHARACTER CHARACTER_BACKWARDS JoystickPov 0 0 South CHARACTER_FORWARD JoystickPov 0 0 North CHARACTER_JUMP JoystickButton 0 17 CHARACTER_LEFT JoystickPov 0 0 West CHARACTER_RIGHT JoystickPov 0 0 East CHARACTER_RUN JoystickButton 0 16 ; COMMON COMMON_ENTER_OR_EXIT_TRUCK JoystickButton 0 15 COMMON_LOCK JoystickButton 0 1 COMMON_TOGGLE_TRUCK_LIGHTS JoystickButton 0 18 COMMON_REPAIR_TRUCK JoystickButton 0 19 ; COMMANDS COMMANDS_01 JoystickButton 0 2 COMMANDS_02 JoystickButton 0 3 ; TRUCK TRUCK_ACCELERATE JoystickAxis 0 2 REVERSE+DEADZONE=0.05 TRUCK_BLINK_LEFT JoystickButton 0 7 TRUCK_BLINK_RIGHT JoystickButton 0 6 TRUCK_BRAKE JoystickAxis 0 1 REVERSE+DEADZONE=0.05 TRUCK_HORN JoystickButton 0 20 TRUCK_HORN JoystickButton 0 19 TRUCK_MANUAL_CLUTCH JoystickSliderY 0 Y 0 REVERSE+DEADZONE=-30 TRUCK_PARKING_BRAKE JoystickButton 0 0 TRUCK_SHIFT_DOWN JoystickButton 0 5 TRUCK_SHIFT_NEUTRAL JoystickPov 0 0 West TRUCK_SHIFT_UP JoystickButton 0 4 TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR_REVERSE JoystickButton 0 14 TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR1 JoystickButton 0 8 TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR2 JoystickButton 0 9 TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR3 JoystickButton 0 10 TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR4 JoystickButton 0 11 TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR5 JoystickButton 0 12 TRUCK_SHIFT_GEAR6 JoystickButton 0 13 TRUCK_SHIFT_LOWRANGE JoystickPov 0 0 South TRUCK_SHIFT_MIDRANGE JoystickPov 0 0 East TRUCK_SHIFT_HIGHRANGE JoystickPov 0 0 North TRUCK_STARTER JoystickButton 0 21 TRUCK_STEER_LEFT JoystickAxis 0 0 LOWER+DEADZONE=0.00+LINEARITY=0.70 TRUCK_STEER_RIGHT JoystickAxis 0 0 UPPER+DEADZONE=0.00+LINEARITY=0.70 TRUCK_SWITCH_SHIFT_MODES JoystickButton 0 1 TRUCK_TOGGLE_CONTACT JoystickButton 0 22
  7. Hi! I was wondering for setting up my Logitech G27 how much steering rotation is a good amount? Then, a second question, anyone know how many an actual truck has? Thanks!
  8. MJFAN

    MJU uses Rigs of Rods?

    Someone needs to make a tutorial on how to make that rear steer switch 😂
  9. MJFAN

    How to set up G27

    Got it working! Except for when I touch a paddle shifter or any button on the shifter the wheel has a heart attack and starts doing whatever it wants. Idk what I did O_O
  10. MJFAN

    How to set up G27

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I did that, then the profiler actually worked. However, my wheel is now really stiff when I'm not editing the settings. When I exit out of the settings it's almost like it "locks" the wheel. I've tried messing with the force feedback settings,but it doesn't seem to do a whole lot. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  11. MJFAN

    How to set up G27

    Just tried that, and still have the same problems as before :/
  12. MJFAN

    How to set up G27

    I just got a G27, I'm trying to use Mark's map. However, it is currently not working. I tried the map that comes with the .4 and it also doesn't work. There are somethings like the brake starts half way pressed, and buttons don't appear to have mapped properly. I was wondering if any has any beginners guides so to speak how to set up a G27. I'm using RoR .38 with Windows 10 All help is appreciated!
  13. MJFAN

    Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    What exactly needs to be changed with the fun box?
  14. MJFAN

    Show Your Projects Chapter 57

    Made the paint a bit brighter and fixed the rotation (Thanks for pointing that out, not sure how I didn't notice. ) I also started a custom WF 18 track: Thoughts? Is it worth finishing or nah?
  15. MJFAN

    Fix Rear Steer On Keyboard???

    Or what I do, is I turn off fn lock. Both options mentioned here work.