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  1. Version 1.0.0


    My first ever truck on Sim Monsters website. I am so glad with how this came out. Upfront and honest, this is simply the V3 paint but with the shine slapped on it. So glad the lights worked out aswell. I originally did this because it's the only truck I visibly remembered from watching All Monsters Eve 1, but now that I'm thinking about it, it's been nearly 10 years since the first videos on the RORMJ channel were uploaded, so I guess this is my (slightly early) way of saying thank you for nearly 4 years of meeting friends and new people....And people I dislike, but we won't get into that...Hope I have the motivation to make new things....Maybe... Original War Wizard Truck: @fernBurn Original Driver: @ushra (DrifterX) Original Paint: @Patriotic Canadian Redone Logo/General Help: PabloG Paint Swap/Cloning: @Danny Werewolf (Me) If I will do more, it will be at my own pace and my own choice.. I only did this because of boredom and it's another truck that I really cared about. Thank you for reading.
  2. I think I've only made one thread, and a few forum posts, maybe a few comments? Yet I'm active on the BeamNG forums, so I think I'm qualified to say atleast a few things? Honestly, if I can take from my own personal experience, the drama/words said inside of the leagues and tours (Pretty much behind the scenes) is what distanced me from the tours and forums in general. One specific example that was uploaded is what pretty much made me quit, alongside other smaller incidents and insults, mostly having to do with what my profile picture portrays. The lack of content is another decent point, yet I always wasn't a huge fan is a ton of private mods. Yes people have their reason, and it sucks, yet I understand. I usually just make jokes about it, never meant to be mean. Since I quit, near the beginning of 2019, (Involving laptop issues) I haven't been too interested in Monster Jam. Now, I'm trying to get back into it, yet the overarching thought of drama happening again always looms over (So far it's been good). Some people say I am actually pretty good at most things, yet I don't find myself so good. This is all just from personal experience however, so I just might be the worst example.
  3. Yeah, I'll just dm you, but the two .png's are different
  4. I am very triggered that Tasmanian Devil is in the V4 pack instead of Taz, so I was hoping I could use the paint from that other Taz mod (08 - 10) on the V4 Tasmanian Devil. This will be private, and not released by the way. How would I go by changing the .png's for the bodies and making them match? Just replacing the file gave me a messed up skin because Tasmanian Devil and Taz's body.png's are different. What's the best way to change that? I'm looking into Texture Mapping and stuff like that for Blender, but am I doing way too much?
  5. Great truck.
  6. Hallelujah! Absolutely amazing... Who did the handling? I love it!
  7. Will an update fix the soundscript for the Magna Headers?
  8. *Insert The Obvious Here* Good Luck to Pablo!
  9. Both they are more difficult then trucks, and because...FELD never changes the track look, so what is the point...
  10. Should have named this truck Great Miami V2 HEUGH Anyway, whoever is on .3, get .4 now, because everything about this truck is great. And now to wait for the tons of people asking for both .3 edition, and probably another person getting alternate parts for .3 users...never going to happen, is it XD... still the only comment...
  11. On .4, this replaces New Orleans 2018 (Original), so if you could somehow change the paths? Might be wrong actually, ignore my life.
  12. Wow, your shock setup is amazing, and the paint does look great aswell. I'd steal this truck in a heartbeat if possible. I know you can't use the truck, but are you able to use the same shock setup anywhere, or would that be the same as 'using the truck'?
  13. The thing glitching out the body should be RedBullV2.zip if you have it...
  14. Okay...I’m just going to facepalm...and say Roblox isn’t the worst thing in the world (If you count it as a money hungry time waster) but...it’s pretty flipping stupid to ask a community like this about it...Discord dms exist, hell, freaking PM’s exist on the site...and, guess what? You’re asking about Roblox on a mainly ROR forum, when you should be asking on Roblox...
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