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  1. Brad Kerlin

    Fun Run: Friday 3/22/19 @ Houston 2014 (Test Event)

    Brad Kerlin Megalodon BradKerlin#3029
  2. Brad Kerlin

    The decline of motorsports

    This thread is getting too deep.
  3. So I downloaded the new Xbox 1/PS4 controller map and when I loaded a truck in game without me pressing the gas it was just flooring it constantly. I was able to switch gears and turn fine but I can't really control the gas pedal. Can anyone help me with this? (Using PS4 controller btw}
  4. Brad Kerlin

    Monster Jam Xtreme Carnage Tour Sign-Ups (Open)

    Name: Brad Kerlin Discord Name: BradKerlin#3029 Truck Link: Tours Competed In: STS
  5. Brad Kerlin

    Monster Jam Xtreme Carnage Tour Announcment!

    So in order to compete in stadiums we would have needed to compete in all events of a tour or just one event?
  6. Brad Kerlin

    The Monster Awards 2018

    Only changes I would make Best New Truck (Competition) - The Black Pearl Rising Star of the Year - Travis Mowery - Zombie Arena Freestyle of the Year - Tyler Menninga - Grave Digger - Rosemont, IL
  7. Brad Kerlin

    New to SM. Need help.

    You can't really tell when the next fun run is gonna be. Also most of the leagues on sm aren't exactly active so you kind of just need to get into some discord servers where more leagues are held. Also if you haven't gotten discord yet you should definitely get an account because that is the main platform pretty much all of the leagues and fun runs use. As for getting into leagues its pretty much just sign up, read the rules, and understand how the events work. Welcome. Hope to see you on the track soon!
  8. Brad Kerlin

    Online Multi Player Help!

    The main version everyone uses now is .4.6. This is the version that is most used for leagues and online play. Getting into a server is easy. You should be given a server name and port number. You just enter those and the click enable network mode and your good. This is a tutorial on how to create your own private server if you want one As for getting into leagues its not really as hard as you think. There are people here willing to help but its mainly reading the rules and understanding how events work. Also I recommend getting https://discordapp.com/ because that's what everyone uses in leagues. If you need anymore help just ask around. Welcome. Hope to see you on the track soon!
  9. Brad Kerlin

    Grave Digger The Legend Repli-Custom

    Can we be done with this? Y'all are acting like 5 year olds. How bout we stop nitpicking everything and stop making false claims and be done with this and move on cause this is starting to get VERY annoying.
  10. Brad Kerlin

    Annual Rigs of Rods Event in 2019

    Any reason why this is taking place so far ahead? I mean to me it just seems weird about how we're learning about it now and its taking place a full year away from now.
  11. Brad Kerlin

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    got too caught up in this. (srry peoples)
  12. Brad Kerlin

    R.I.P. STS

    This league is dead
  13. Brad Kerlin

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    No. Its a new SYP chapter.
  14. Brad Kerlin

    STS Sign-Ups (Open 6/6/18 @ 9:00 P.M. EST)

    you can only compete in one series and this league only allows replicas.