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  1. Brad Kerlin

    R.I.P. STS

    This league is dead
  2. Brad Kerlin

    Show Your Projects Chapter 63

    No. Its a new SYP chapter.
  3. Brad Kerlin

    STS Sign-Ups (Open 6/6/18 @ 9:00 P.M. EST)

    you can only compete in one series and this league only allows replicas.
  4. Brad Kerlin

    STS Sign-Ups (Open 6/6/18 @ 9:00 P.M. EST)

    -Updated my signup-
  5. Brad Kerlin

    STS Pre-Season Points (Updated)

    Pre-Season Event #1: Pirates Curse: 10+10=20 Grave Digger: 9+7=16 Grave Digger the Legend: 3+9=12 Bigfoot: 3+8=11 Snakebite: 5+5=10 Outlaw: 3+6=9 Hooligan: 5+3=8 Hurricane Force: 7+1=8 Time Flys: 3+4=7 Gas Monkey Garage: 5+2=7 Northern Nightmare: 7+0=7 SUD: 5+0=5 Max-D: 3+0=3 Stone Crusher: 3+0=3 MJ 25th: 3+0=3 Avenger: 3+0=3 Pre-Season Event #2: Pirates Curse: 9+10=19 SUD: 10+8=18 Saigon Shaker: 3+9=12 Gas Monkey Garage: 7+4=11 Time Flys: 3+7=10 Blue Thunder: 7+3=10 El Toro Loco: 3+6=9 Snakebite: 3+5=8 Stone Crusher: 5+2=7 Whiplash: 5+1=6 Lucas Oil Crusader: 5+0=5 Metal Mulisha: 5+0=5 Pre-Season Event #3: VP Mad Scientist: 7+10=17 SUD: 9+8=17 Pirates Curse: 7+9=16 Max-D: 10+6=16 Mutant Super Soda: 3+5+5=13 Grave Digger the Legend: 5+7=12 Gas Monkey Garage: 3+4.5+3=10.5 Carolina Crusher: 5+4=9 Over Bored: 3+3+2=8 Storm Damage: 3+4+1=8 Brutus: 3+3.5+0=6.5 Blue Thunder: 5+0=5 Black Pearl: 5+0=5 EarthShaker: 3+0+0=3 Pre-Season Event #4: Hurricane Force: 5+10=15 VP Mad Scientist: 7+8=15 Over Bored: 5+9=14 Pirates Curse: 3+5+6=14 Grave Digger: 10+4=14 Hooked: 3+4.5+5=12.5 EarthShaker: 9+2=11 Stone Crusher: 3+0+7=10 Superman: 7+3=10 Thor: 3+3.5+1=7.5 Black Pearl: 3+4+0=7 Samson: 3+3+0=6 Blue Thunder: 5+0=5 Avenger: 5+0=5 Overall Pre-Season Points: Matthew Tyrrell: 65 Jon Zimmer: 60 Josh Gajewski: 43 Joshwa Tavarez: 32 Joey Burgy: 30 Fred Kettell: 26 Blake Thompson: 26 Torrin Thorp: 25 Brad Kerlin: 25 Marcelo Mendoza: 22 Edwin Bones: 20 Brandon Scalf: 17 Max Halpert: 15 Will Meyer: 14 Tyler May: 12 Chris Hamilton: 11 Bryant Steggall: 10.5 Trevor Amos: 9 Sean Ryan: 8 Chadwick Deerfoot: 7.5 Blaise Zantinge: 7 Brandin Warwas: 6.5 William Airhart: 6 Jackson Brammer: 5 DroppedSilver0: 5 Rocco Piergrossi: 3 Keith Powell: 3
  6. Brad Kerlin

    Summer Throwdown Series 2018 Series Lineups

  7. Brad Kerlin

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    50th anniversary
  8. I tried to give you advice and you didn't listen and wore my patience thin. This is advice to anybody who is planning to do a fun run. Get experience, research stuff, and think. Because if you don't, you get a bad reputation which does not bode well here.
  9. Brad Kerlin Great Clips Mohawk Warrior BradKerlin#3029
  10. Brad Kerlin

    NAMT 2018 Individual Sign-Ups (OPEN NOW)

    -Updated my signup-
  11. Brad Kerlin

    Guess i should do this

    Haven't really introduced myself yet Hi, I'm Brad. Currently 16 years old in 10th grade and going to a culinary arts program at my vo-tech school. Been a fan of monster jam since 2007. Houston racing came on one day and that was that. Beem a fan of ror monster jam since 2010. Saw it on youtube and it looked really cool since there wasn't anything that looked as much alike to the real thing. Seen every video of Rhodes' ror series back in 2010, saw a couple ssrs events that were recorded, saw the first smfm event, and recently watched all of julio's freestyle series. Started driving in august of last year and started competing in leagues in february. So thats me, and you'll prolly see me around so, yeah.
  12. Brad Kerlin

    Just joined! Wanting to learn how to make trucks/tracks

    This is rockgod88's tutorial on how to make trucks This is monster jam fan's tutorial on how to make tracks If you want to start competing in leagues then ask FloridaBoy for a link to his discord server because those leagues are a good way to get a feel for them.
  13. Brad Kerlin

    STS Sign-Ups (Open 6/6/18 @ 9:00 P.M. EST)

    Suggestion to everyone signing up, specify which series you will be competing in so its easier for @Joey 🅱️ to sort everyone out.
  14. Brad Kerlin

    STS Sign-Ups (Open 6/6/18 @ 9:00 P.M. EST)

    Brad Kerlin BradKerlin#3029 The Punisher (Competing in Replica Series)