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  1. Brad Kerlin

    NAMT 2018 Individual Sign-Ups (OPEN NOW)

    Driver: Brad Kerlin Truck: No Label Discord: BradKerlin#3029 Hometown: Oxford, PA Download Link: Truck Song:
  2. Brad Kerlin

    Grave Digger Grim Reaper Truck?

    Please use this format when making requests
  3. Brad Kerlin

    Share Your Season!

    We end Week 1 with Stadium Championship Series 2 in Houston, TX. Racing sees a Chicago-Style layout with long turns where these drivers can get some speed. Freestyle has a massive ramp where drivers can get enough air to be seen on the radar at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Along with a double and a bus stack, this event is bound to be close throughout. Who will take the overall event championship? Stay tuned for live updates. Racing Round 1 Titan v. Punisher Gas Monkey Garage v. Son-Uva Digger Max-D v. THW Firestorm Pirates Curse v. Black Pearl Round 2 El Toro Loco v. Punisher Mad Scientist v. Gas Monkey Garage Grave Digger v. THW Firestorm Monster Mutt v. Black Pearl Round 3 Punisher v. Mad Scientist THW Firestorm v. Monster Mutt Finals Punisher v. Monster Mutt Winner: Punisher Freestyle Grave Digger: 15+4=19 Run was going great with an amazing save to start after some big air. Unfortunately he got tripped up by a car stack while doing a wheelie and rolled with 1 minute 3 seconds left on the clock. Max-D: 14+4=18 Run was going good with great flow. Unfortunately he rolled with 1 minute 8 seconds left after he turned too much into a bycicle. Son-Uva Digger: 19+7=26 Run had two good bycicles in which one turned into a cartwheel after an attempt to put it into a moonwalk. He rolled with 25 seconds left after an attempted sidewalls. Mad Scientist: 27+10=37 Run had amazing momentum with Lee hitting just about everything on the track and getting big air out of it. Also with two amazing saves he nearly gets a perfect score. El Toro Loco: 12+3=15 Run had great flow but he rolled with 1 minute 14 seconds remaining after an attempted stoppie. THW Firestorm: 22+8=30 He had good crossthreads and combos throughout with great flow. Rolled with 21 seconds left after an attempted sidewalls. Gas Monkey Garage: 20+9=29 Run was full of some nice crossthreads and combos. Rolled with 9 seconds left. Punisher: 26+10=36 Run had great flow. He moonwalked the truck from one side of the stadium to the other. Along with a couple of good saves this was a very good freestyle. Black Pearl: 11+4=15 Started out with massive air. Had good momentum but rolled with 1 minute 12 seconds left. Titan: 5+1=6 Went over after some nice air with 1 minute 38 seconds left on the clock. Monster Mutt: 3+0=3 Hit the back of the big dirt ramp first but didnt have enough speed coming off of it. Went over with 1 minute 54 seconds remaining. Pirates Curse: 14+4=18 Had 2 great saves with some good momentum. Rolled with 1 minute 4 seconds remaining. Event Points Grave Digger: 12 Max-D: 9 Son-Uva Digger: 9 Mad Scientist: 21 El Toro Loco: 12 THW Firestorm: 20 Gas Monkey Garage: 16 Punisher: 23 Black Pearl: 9 Titan: 4 Monster Mutt: 12 Pirates Curse: 9 Today was a good event in Houston which saw Colt Stephens in Punisher take the racing championship after defeating Dustin Brown in Monster Mutt in a great race. In freestyle, Lee O' Donnell in the VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist put on an amazing run, taking the freestyle win with Colt Stephens in Punisher coming in second and Scott Buetow in Team Hot Wheels Firestorm coming in third. With a racing win and a second place in freestyle, Colt Stephens would take the event championship and get the points lead. Next week we head to our first show in Anaheim which will be one for the ages.
  4. Brad Kerlin

    Share Your Season!

    Stadium Championship Series 1 begins their season in Minneapolis, MN. Racing has a Chicago-style layout with tight turns that test the best in the sport. Freestyle we have the plateau, a big dirt mound with many different angles to hit at for big air and opportunities for different tricks. There is also a big double and a camper. This is going to be an awesome show for sure. Stay tuned for live updates. Racing Round 1 Grave Digger v. Avenger Crusader v. Hooked Whiplash v. Wild Flower Max-D v. El Toro Loco Round 2 Northern Nightmare v. Grave Digger Mutant v. Hooked Alien Invasion v. Whiplash Bounty Hunter v. El Toro Loco Round 3 Grave Digger v. Mutant Whiplash v. El Toro Loco Finals Grave Digger v. Whiplash Winner: Whiplash Freestyle Grave Digger: 5+1=6 Started out with some nice air but then he started bycicling and gassed it too much and rolled over with 1 minute 44 seconds remaining. Max-D: 27+10=37 Run had a good flow with great air. He threw in a couple of good moonwalks and bycicles along with a somersault which gave him an amazing run and a near perfect score to top it. Mutant: 9+3=12 Run had good momentum and air but unfortunately he lost control after a jump and rolled with 1 minute 23 seconds left. Lucas Oil Crusader: 24+9=33 Run had great air and momentum with some good moonwalks and saves. He rolled with 12 seconds left on the clock. Avenger: 25+10=35 Run was crazy throughout as he hit everything in sight. And along with two incredible saves this was an amazing freestyle. Northern Nightmare: 21+8=29 Run had good air and a couple of great saves but he rolled with 23 seconds left on the clock. Bounty Hunter: 17+5=22 Run was a controlled frenzy throughout with two great saves. He rolled with 49 seconds left. Alien Invasion: 23+9=32 Really technical run which saw him walking across the plateau on the front two wheels, a good moonwalk, and a couple of good saves. He rolled with 1 second left. El Toro Loco: 7+2=9 Run was going good until an attempted sidewalls went haywire when she braked too much and rolled over with 1 minute 27 seconds remaining. Whiplash: 10+3=13 Run had great air and momentum in it. 1 minute 13 seconds remained after a wheelie off of the van stack hit the racing lane and she went over. Wild Flower: 6+1=7 Started out with some nice air off of the plateau which lead to a combo off of the back of the jump next to the double. She then hit the camper and got a nice wheelie but unfortunately the plateau tripped her up and she rolled with 1 minute 40 seconds left on the clock. Hooked: 10+3=13 Run had good momentum with some nice air and a couple of good crossthreads. Unfortunately the plateau tripped him up after some nice air and he went over with 1 minute 16 seconds remaining. Event Points Grave Digger: 12 Max-D: 16 Mutant: 13 Lucas Oil Crusader: 11 Avenger: 14 Northern Nightmare: 14 Bounty Hunter: 12 Alien Invasion: 17 El Toro Loco: 13 Whiplash: 17 Wild Flower: 4 Hooked: 13 Tonight was a good event in Minneapolis which saw Brianna Mahon in Whiplash take the racing win after beating Adam Anderson in Grave Digger who was the fastest all night but made a mistake that Mahon capitalized on. Tom Meents in Max-D won freestyle with an amazing run with Jim Koehler in Avenger coming in second and Linsey Weenk in the Lucas Oil Crusader coming in third. The event championship came down to a tie between Brianna Mahon in Whiplash and Chad Tingler in Alien Invasion. Tingler won the tiebreaker with the higher freestyle score giving him the event championship and the points lead. Next Week we head to our first show in East Rutherford which is guaranteed to be awesome.
  5. Brad Kerlin

    Share Your Season!

    Welcome to the beginning of Week 1! We start with the Arena Championship Series in West Lebanon, PA. With a drag for racing, a bumpy course with a u-turn for the obstacle course, and a whole bunch of jumps for Two-Wheel and Freestyle, this is how you kick off a season right. Who will get the points lead early? Who will take the event championship? Stay tuned here for live updates. Racing Round 1 Mohawk Warrior v. EarthShaker El Toro Loco v. Blue Thunder Grave Digger v. Max-D Mutant v. Pirates Curse Round 2 EarthShaker v. El Toro Loco Grave Digger v. Mutant Finals EarthShaker v. Grave Digger Winner: Grave Digger Two-Wheel Skills Grave Digger: 9+8+7=24 First hit went for a reverse popper and got a wheelie out of it and then came to a rolling stop on the back two wheels. Second hit went for another reverse popper and kept it up there for a good 30 seconds. Final hit got a good moonwalk out of a front popper. Max-D: 4+8+5=17 Went for 3 front poppers. First one couldn't really get it. Second one got it and got a nice moonwalk out of it. Third one got it good but rolled it. Mutant: 4+0+0=4 Tried a bycicle but turned into it too much and rolled over. Blue Thunder: 7+6+0=13 Started out with a reverse popper and got a nice wheelie out of it. Second hit got a front popper and kept it up there for a little but unfortunately rolled it. Pirates Curse: 6+4+9=19 Went for a reverse popper for his first hit and got a little wheelie out of it. Second hit went for a front popper but couldn't really get a pop out of it. Finally he went for a bycicle and rode it out for a while and when it looked like he rolled it he pulled out of it with a great save. El Toro Loco: 2+3+3=8 First hit tried a bycicle but couldn't get it. Second hit tried a bycicle but only got a little. Last hit tried a popper but couldn't really get it. EarthShaker: 8+9+4=21 Started with a reverse popper and rided out the wheelie all the way to the turn of the speedway. Then he went for another one and rided the wheelie across the bumpy part of the obstacle course. Finally he went for a normal popper off of the cars but couldn't get a moonwalk. Mohawk Warrior: 5+0+0=5 Started with a long bycicle but then he started sliding and tried to turn it into a sidewalls but rolled it. Obstacle Course Grave Digger: 14.217 Max-D: 15.082 Mutant: 14.859 Blue Thunder: 16.204 Pirates Curse: 14.137 El Toro Loco: 14.936 EarthShaker: 14.776 Mohawk Warrior: 13.670 Freestyle Grave Digger: 8+3=11 Started out with great speed but then she got up on the front two wheels and couldn't save it and ended up having a crazy wreck with 1 minute 3 seconds left on the clock. Max-D: 5+1=6 Started out with a good hit then went for a moonwalk but gassed it too much in reverse and rolled over with 1 minute and 17 seconds left. Mutant: 16+6=22 Had good momentum throughout the run the got a moonwalk in which he rolled it after around 20 seconds on the front two wheels. Had 29 seconds left on the clock Blue Thunder: 17+6=23 Started out with massive air. Had good momentum throughout the run but rolled it with 34 seconds left. Pirates Curse: 26+10=36 Run had great momentum with him trying for a moonwalk, having two great saves, and finishing it off with donuts on top of the bumpy part of the obstacle course El Toro Loco: 23+8=31 Sended it on the first hit getting monster air which turned into a good save. She kept the run going with good momentum and great air. She rolled it with 13 seconds remaining. EarthShaker: 24+9=33 Really technical run which started out with a bycicle turned into a good save. Then he attempted a moonwalk which turned around 180° and then turned into a wheelie. Unfortunately he rolled with 8 seconds left. Mohawk Warrior: 15+4=19 Started with some nice air turned into a great save which unfortunately gave him a flat tire. That hindered him the rest of his run with Bryce rolling it after attempting a crossthread with 49 seconds remaining. Event Points Grave Digger: 24 Max-D: 10 Mutant: 13 Blue Thunder: 12 Pirates Curse: 23 El Toro Loco: 16 EarthShaker: 25 Mohawk Warrior: 15 Great event at West Lebanon! Krysten Anderson in Grave Digger had a great night winning both Racing and Two-Wheel Skills. Bryce Kenny in Great Clips Mohawk Warrior dominated the obstacle course with an amazing turn. Camden Murphy in Pirates Curse came out first in freestyle and put up an amazing run which no one was able to beat. However it was Tristan England in EarthShaker who would take the Overall Event Championship with 3 second place finishes and grabbing the points lead at the start of the season. You will not want to miss next week where we go to Baltimore, MD for more Monster Jam action.
  6. Brad Kerlin

    Adding trucks to the game

    If you're using .37 you need to extract the files from the folder and then put both folders in the vehicle folder. Same thing with tracks. You can download 7-zip to extract the files or if there is something already on your computer that can do the job, you can use that. If you're using .4.6. (Which everyone here HIGHLY recommends you should) you don't need to extract the files just put the zip in the vehicle folder and ur gud.
  7. Brad Kerlin

    .4 tmnt truck pack

    This is the proper way to make a truck request. Please use this format next time you will make a request.
  8. Brad Kerlin

    Share Your Season!

    Welcome to my RORMJ Series! This season drivers will be pushed to the limit, all trying to get the championship. Points will work under normal standards for stadiums and arenas. Stadiums will have Racing and Freestyle. Arenas will have the same, along with Two-Wheel Skills and an Obstacle Course challenge. Stadium Championship Series 1 Grave Digger (A. Anderson) 12 Max-D (T. Meents) 16 Mutant (T. Leduc) 13 Lucas Oil Crusader (L. Weenk) 11 Avenger (J. Koehler) 14 Northern Nightmare (C. McQueen) 14 Bounty Hunter (J. Creten) 12 Alien Invasion (C. Tingler) 17 El Toro Loco (B. McDonough) 13 Whiplash (B. Mahon) 17 Hooked (S. Sims Jr) 13 Wild Flower (R. Ramer) 4 Stadium Championship Series 2 Grave Digger (M. Kane) 12 Max-D (N. Elliott) 9 Son-uva Digger (R. Anderson) 9 VP Mad Scientist (L. Donnell) 21 El Toro Loco (M. McDonald) 12 THW Firestorm (S. Buetow) 20 Gas Monkey Garage (B.J. Johnson) 16 Punisher (C. Stephens) 23 Black Pearl (C. Venard) 9 Titan (D. Ependendio) 4 Monster Mutt (D. Brown) 12 Pirates Curse (C. Rummell) 9 Arena Championship Series Grave Digger (K. Anderson) 24 Max-D (J. Eichelberger) 10 Mutant (C. Saucier) 13 Blue Thunder (T. Menninga) 12 Pirates Curse (C. Murphy) 23 El Toro Loco (K. Blood) 16 EarthShaker (T. England) 25 Mohawk Warrior (B. Kenny) 15 Racing Brackets will be determined by a random draw with 4 drivers getting a bye in Stadiums, and none in Arenas. Freestyle scoring will be with three judges scoring out of 10, another 10 depending on how much time the driver filled. Two-Wheel Skills will have 3 hits, each being scored out of 10, with the sum being the score. In the Obstacle Course, Arena drivers will have to get through a set course as fast as they can with hopes of a win. The World Finals Field will be the top 6 in points on the stadiums, and the top 3 in the arenas, with the final participant coming from the last chance qualifier, where 8 drivers are selected based on their performances throughout the season and try to get that last spot in the World Finals. Points will be updated in this post so always check back here for updates. We start Week 1 in West Lebanon, PA, Houston, TX, and Minneapolis, MN. Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS, IS, MONSTER JAM! World Finals Lineup (This will be updated throughout the season) 1. EarthShaker 2. Grave Digger (Krysten) 3. Pirates Curse (Camden) 4. Punisher 5. VP Mad Scientist 6. THW Firestorm 7. Gas Monkey Garage 8. Grave Digger (Morgan) 9. El Toro Loco (Marc) 10. Alien Invasion 11. Whiplash 12. Max-D (Tom) 13. Avenger 14. Northern Nightmare 15. Hooked 16. Last Chance Winner
  9. Brad Kerlin

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    Tom really went into the wall. I felt my seat move a little cause I was right there. Also Jamey covered my section in dust. Overall good show from me and glad they are back after too long.
  10. Brad Kerlin


    Please follow the proper truck request format when making requests
  11. Brad Kerlin

    Truck packs?

    The v4 pack meant for .37 works for .4.6.. I dunno about the .38 one but that will probably work too.
  12. Brad Kerlin

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    https://www.monsterjam.com/en-US has a new look
  13. Brad Kerlin

    Fire Starter

    @Jose Rico Taco Nacho link says invalid or deleted file
  14. Next time you try one of these make sure you know what you are doing so you dont make people who signed up wait an hour for the realization that it aint happening
  15. https://discord.gg/epGEup Join this and I can do the rest