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Mr. Self Destruct

Hafen Hamburg Fun Run, 3/18/17 5:30 PM EST

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Gonna test some things for a league idea I have and see how they fly with the general community.


  • Rigs of Rods or higher.
  • Discord chat will be provided 24 hours before the event. Please join by 5:00. Qualifying begins at 5:30.
  • 16 drivers maximum. You may choose any truck, but only one Grave Digger and one Maximum Destruction will be allowed. If you decide to use a custom truck for any reason, please make sure to ask permission for it beforehand if it is not an open custom and you did not make it yourself.
  • Event will consist of qualifying, racing, and freestyle.
  • Sign up in this form:
    • Name
    • Truck
    • Truck Link
    • Discord Tag with Numbers
  • Qualifying will be a racing bracket generated with random seeds and two will race at a time, unless someone has a bye. This is only to determine your stance in the racing bracket.
  • Racing will follow qualifying. Because the track is J-Hook, the multi-lap idea will not be tested during this fun run (for those who know about it). No hacksteering.
  • Freestyle will follow racing. Your freestyle order will be based on your racing position. If you need to go early, please tell me before freestyle starts. 2 minutes, no bonus. RII's are in play.

For freestyle please note that we will be using the replica version of the track, not the custom version.

Track X:


Sign up example:

  • Rocco Piergrossi
  • Mr Destruction
  • Click me
  • Rocco Piergrossi#9976

Hope to see you guys there!

If we do not have a server 100% secured by Friday night then the fun run will be postponed.

Oh yeah and that ban list sht is done, realized how stupid that was.


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Marcelo Mendoza

Grave Digger 35th custom (20th anniversary)

link: i sent a dm with it


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Please note that I will also need 2 officials for the event for scoring (both officials) and timing freestyle (one official). I have scoring, calling races, qualifying, and RII's covered.

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Due to complications with the excessive amount of detail with the track and online servers, the track will be switched to Hafen Hamburg by Tom Deents. Thread will be changed accordingly. You do not need to switch your truck if you do not want to. Please carry on.

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ahmad goff 

pirate curse


discord: Agolf#0538


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SATURDAY IS THE DAY!!! If you signed up, please join the Discord chat by 5:30 PM EST Saturday! If you have not signed up, you have until that time to do so (6 spots open). Sign ups will close when qualifying commences! Be ready, it's gunna be f0kin lit fam.


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