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Started when I found RORMJ and Box5's trucks just as the season started.  I got all the trucks and tracks over time, and played around offline.  After RORMJ I went over to Sim-Monsters and got all the trucks and tracks.  Again I followed along, and played offline for Season 1.  But when Season 2 came around, I decided to sign up.  Got into TMNT and raced a little.  I managed to qualify pretty well for a noob at the time, I think I qualified 3rd for the San Antonio race.  Took about 3 or 4 races before I got comfortable racing actual people and won a few races.  Freestyle was ok, but still was getting better.  But once Fall Madness came around, things changed.  I qualified 5th and won racing.  Then the next night, at Anahiem, I won freestyle with a 32.  After this I did pretty well every weekend, finishing at least in the semi's in racing, and coming in the top 5 or so in freestyle.  For a few races in a row, I actually lost in the finals in both racing and came in second for freestyle.  I managed to win a racing event at Tampa.  Finally came the World Finals.  I was feeling really amped and ready to try to get a win.  Came out for freestyle and got a 30.  I stayed up there until Dig came out last.  And as close as I was to winning my second freestyle event, at Las Vegas no less, Dig squeaked by with a 31 for the win.  Over 2012 I've gotten 2 KOTH Points wins (2 freestyle wins also), a Double Down at ORL Summer Smashdown, and a second racing win at Fall Madness II (and a second place finish in freestyle).  Coming up I'll be running Mopar Magic in ORL Season 2.


Also I made tracks.  Just in the begining of 2011 I got Sketchup.  I made just about 30 tracks over almost a year.  Then, at the end of last year, I moved on to Blender, and haven't looked back since.  In Blender, I've realsed Fall Madness II, as well as making Detroit 2012, a custom Anahiem and Minneapolis for ORL Season 2.


It's coming up on 3 years since I first got ROR, and I think I'll be around for a little while longer.


Trucks I drove:

Sim-Monsters Season 2: TMNT

Sim-Monsters Custom Series: Haulin' Heat

Fall Madness I: Excaliber

ORL Season 1: Excaliber

KOTH Fayette: Captain America

KOTH Minny 07: Excaliber

KOTH World Finals 7: Excaliber

KOTH Wildwood: Metal Mulisha

ORL Summer Smashdown: Captain's Curse

Fall Madness II: Mopar Magic

ORL Season 2: Mopar Magic

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Started off in MTM2, I think the first league I ever ran in was something Robby Haught put together, but I can't remember. I won the wheelie championship (<_<) in the league driving my "go to" truck Lost Soul for Team KM. I then joined up with Slickster, and Harry Widelitz driving a truck called Art of War. Now I'm here, driving nothing , and lurking in the shadows.

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Well, the first time i saw the monsters in rigs of rods was when the first video of grave digger at squishy stadium back in I believe Jan. of 2010. I've watched many videos of the trucks on youtube and i saw how realistic these trucks had handled and i was instantly hooked with this game. Didnt actually had a pc that could actually handle the game until late June of this year which was when i first played. I automatically made some friends in the rormt community and started playing with them alot on cifpo over the summer. Then once i got my controller to work, i noticed that my driving became so much better then i actually started signing up for fun run and leagues. Over the last few months ive gotten a few wins in leagues such as Big Dawgs and Monsters of ROR. I've also started somewhat of a league with Devin Doss and Mason Watts called DJMRacing. Then 2 weeks ago i was able to do what i have wanted to do since i first started playing rigs of rods which was compete at a major fun run with all of the big dogs of sim monsters. I was shocked that i won freestyle knowing the awesome talent that was still to freestyle after me. I hope i will be able to do more stuff like that in the future with you guys.


Trucks that i have driven:


Bad Habit in Big Dawgs

Maximum Destruction in Monsters of ROR

Monster Mutt in RTR

Stone Crusher at the Phoenix fun run

and E Maxx at the El Paso fun run  

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Harry Widelitz

Haven't heard that name in a while. Not surprising that he was in cahoots with Slick, think they may have raced NR03 together at some point. Never actually raced against Slickster himself, but I have raced with Harry when NASRA was around.

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I'm one of the few people to be with RORMJ from the very beginning (after failing to start what they did)


Carolina Crusher (RORMJ)

Escalade (KOTH)

Grave Digger (KOTH)

The Fox (Sim Monsters Season 2)

Avenger (Sim Monsters Season 2)

Predator (Summer Heat thing)

Bulldozer (Special Event)

Cowboy (Special Event)


That's about all I can remember.

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I started driving in the virtual Monster Truck world when i was 13. I remember seeing an add for MTM2 over the internet and on the day of my birthday i was talking to my dad in the basement before my party saying how i wish i could have that game, it looked awesome. Of course all the birthday shopping was done though so i thought there was no way i was going to get that game. . .but to my surprise it was the first gift i opened up and i don't think i ever wanted to put that gift down. Within the year i had downloaded everything there was to do with MTM2 and started drag racing at the MSN Gaming Zone when everybody else was still rumbling/off road racing with the game. I was in MTM2 pretty much when dragging really started to get hot in the community.


The first truck i drove professionally might surprise alot of people, but i won the first freestyle i ever competed in wayyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day with Bulldozer:




I think if i remember correctly i competed in several more events then the league folded while i was leading the points in freestyle. Technically that made me freestyle champion, but honestly i never counted that as a title because we never finished the series. From there i drove several more trucks in several different league events. One of my favorite trucks back in the early days was Bionic Redneck. I got the idea for the truck from wrestling. At the time Stone Cold Steve Austin was being called the "Bionic Redneck" and thought it sounded cool for a truck name:




That truck was painted by CJ Bar, aka Meth. I think i won a title with that truck in one of my own leagues before i wanted a new truck. Thus Poison was born:




Also painted by Meth. I ran this truck to what i considered my first real points championship in Freestyle way back in Corey Schwabs Renegade Monster Jam Series. Poison, i thought would be the truck i campaigned forever in MTM2, but that wasn't the case. I kind of grew tired of it after the 5th or so version so i stopped running it and came up with a new idea. When i was younger, i always loved the look of the Ford truck bodies, but hated their performance under the hood. Loved the performance of Chevy trucks, but didn't like the body designs very much. I was a kid, thats really all i noticed lol. So i put the two together in MTM2, even though in MTM2 it never mattered what motor you had in the truck. I put the Ford body on the truck and a Chevy motor in it and thus Half Breed was born:




Didn't do much in the first Half Breed except run in several non-league events with it. I don't think i won anything with it in any official events. The second version was also pretty much a flop so i decided to scrap it as well. When i built #3 though, i found magic. That truck to me was like Grave Digger 7 was to Dennis Anderson. Half Breed 3 was the truck i drove to two championships in NTNT back in the day(Freestyle and Overall). It also led the racing points until the very last race of the season. I didn't feel it would have been right to have won the racing title anyway in NTNT because i never outright won a racing bracket in the series. Still, two championships on a dial up connection back in the day was amazing haha. I don't think anybody but those who were there remember the freestyle run that the original version of Half Breed 3 had at Brampton City Monster Jam. I still think to this day that was one of the best freestyle performances i've ever had. I was challenged earlier in the night by John Everett right after his freestyle. "If you can beat that Josh, you can have the win" he said before he left the game. It was a bit before my turn but that honestly stuck in my head, and truthfully kinda pissed me off. He thought he had the win sealed up with a 28. I went out there and just absolutely destroyed the floor. The following photo sequence is some screenshots from that run that were still on the old NTNT Website:




Over the years in MTM2 i competed in the top leagues all the time. I never got the chance to run a full season in PPRL, but i did run and win in a few PPRL Events. One of my fondest memories was winning the 2nd PPRL Classic Clash driving Grave Digger #2. I could negotiate the turns tighter than anybody could and thats what won me the event. It was satisfying to win that, which was at the time the biggest race for the Old School trucks in MTM2.


I think though the absolute most fun i ever had was around the time the broadcasting became popular. Monster Jam Tour, ran by Kevin Payne pioneered that movement. MJT was different than most every other MTM2 league because it forced you to drive Realistically. It made you think before you hit every single obstacle. Either you drove like the trucks in real life, or you were kicked from the game. No BS. The first season of MJT, i came along late into. I drove various trucks in it. El Toro Loco at the World Finals, T-Maxx, and others that i can't remember off the top of my head. The first world finals was awesome. Kevin had live music, Chris Kaelin and Dave Collard on the mic announcing the show. It really was impressive. So impressive that i asked if i could announce a few events. In season 2, i drove Grave Digger. Sweeping a few events, winning the World Finals Freestyle title, and announcing several events like the World Finals. I eventually became the voice of MTM2.


After MJT was done, i ran in a knockoff league that myself, Jordan Robson, and Auz Grams created called MJM: Monster Jam Madness. It was basically ran the exact same way MJT was. I don't think it was quite as successful as MJT was, but it was still fun.


Various Digger Trucks i Drove in MJT and MJM:


MJT World Finals 2 Digger(Painted after the 25th anniversary truck):



MJM Grave Digger 20:



I can't forget to mention the time i spent in the first and really only budget league in MTM2, SPHRA. SPHRA was a semi-realistic league. Steve Parry ran it, and we had a little bit of a rivalry going on in his series. Between me, Parry, and Payne, it was really a tossup as to who won what championship. SPHRA World Finals 1 was a blast. Its also the place where i still believe to this day the closest race in MTM2 history took place between myself and Kevin Payne. I can remember listening to the broadcast and waiting to see which trucks theme music qued up and hoping it was mine, and when i heard Seek and Destroy i literally jumped up. At that point, i'd never won a world finals racing bracket and i was excited that i finally did it. I won freestyle to, which made that night sweeter. Racing though, driving Half Breed 3, was just phenomenal.









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On to ROR. Once ROR really started to pick up in popularity, Mike Elmendorf and David Cooley decided to run the first series. RORMJ ran on all the concrete tracks that everybody loved. In the first series event, i was the Top Qualifier, and won the first ROR Monster Truck Freestyle competition driving Avenger. Back in the early ROR Days, trucks had a terrible time being cloned. Several people drove multiples of the same trucks. When we finally figured out how to clone trucks, i was given the chance to swap trucks. So i picked Amsoil Shock Therapy to drive and the rest is history.  RORMJ Was the first series that i swept, winning all 3 possible championships and was the first title . I never thought i'd ever do that, and never did in MTM2. To be the first guy to win a championship in ROR, let alone all 3, made me very proud.


RORMJ Avenger:



Shock Therapy:











When the Sim-Monsters series started, and i was offered the Grave Digger truck for the series i was also very proud. I was nervous the entire season because when Sim-Monsters started, there were so many new people. I didn't know if i'd live up to the name of the truck or if i could live up to the name of the truck anymore. I was happy to start off so strong winning a few racing events but freestyle always lacked in that season. Winning a second straight racing title, and another overall championship really made me happy.




Here are some various photos from Season 2 of my Digger(V3 Pack):








Now, in ROR, i'm no longer competing for championships. Just out having fun, running special events, and in a truck that fits my driving style:



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Megapost imminent


I remember back in 2010 (!) i saw RCHP had posted some video about this new 'ROR' thing.


i was very interested.


and so i found MTM2 draggers and promptly made an ass of myself so badly that i actually managed to have the ROR section of Draggers shut down.




And then RORMJ surfaced, and i promptly decided i was a skinner







Oh dear no.



Anyhoo, then i decided i wanted to race, and Dan Evans needed representing in RORMJ, so i made this ungodly thing






I remember being so proud that i managed to rip that Destroyer logo from the '07 game's UI spritesheet myself.


Anyway, i was all rip reared to race in RORMJ, atlanta 2009 was coming up and i then promptly got banned for the week somehow, missing my first race.


astonishing i know. i don't even remember what it was about.


anyway, after that season went by, LF's pack (hoo boy) was the rumor of the day, and along came skinning competitions for the custom part of LF's pack.






Yep, it was that bad.


Anyway, along since then has been a mix of my own custom truck ideas and various version of Jurrasic Attack which i've never driven because of some arbitrary reason or another, which was a shame, since the idea was that i'd switch the scheme every time i rolled in an event, which would've been funny to an extent.












My favorites were the black and green ones.


after that, there was slew of various custom trucks that never saw the light of day.


Like Blizzard








Or Plague




Trail of the Long Knives, which i meant to be "Trial" but i typo'd and rolled with it






Unspoken Monarch (a name of which i'm rather proud)




The Black Bull, which actually did get re-released about two muinites before V4 came out




And then some other stuff.


Meantime, my 'custom' truck persona was Harlowquinn.




Which has gone through a few revisions since then, with each i'd update the photo of myself on the side, none getting any less stupid of course




And then there's the name "Haro-Quinn" which was a play on Haro bikes, as i'd just bought a Thread 8 dirt jumper, and i really liked the scheme on it.




And of course, there's Ratty






I think the last custom truck i'd actually painted was SteelSpine, for Olander




I think it was on that truck that i actually learned to model and map, as i thought the body could use some revisions, and i started to change it, and it was about febuary this time, and my first model was actually made on febuary fourth.




and it was about that time that uh, other things started happening as well.


Of course since then i haven't done much, more interested in Source and some other projects then pretend pretend monster trucks, but it's always nice to look back at your old stuff and go "what the bloody hell was i thinking" and slap yourself across the face for being so stupid

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unfortunately the only truck i had ever driven was Tailgator on MTM2 i think i might have come in 3rd in freestyle first time out lol then i got a night job shortly after that show and haven't been able to get into running any competitions on here on ROR though i follow the seasons as close as i can so i actually have a clue whats happening on the site lol :)

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I'm pretty sure only a select few remember me, but I've been around since the last big hooplah of mtm2. I drove Wild Hawg in a series I don't remember, it was a budget league tho. I never really raced much due to school, horrible Internet, and strict parents. During an MJM season I drove Superman for Nick King and probably made it to the semi-finals. I'm not sure who I lost to but that was the farthest I've made it when it came to racing. Freestyle was always tough on me. I checked the mtm2draggers forum and I saw a thread about RoR. That was about the time RoRMJ started to be a thing. Which is probably my most successful season. I never won any my events, but I certainly left my mark when I drove Iceman. My first event in RoRMJ was Phoenix. I lost horribly in the first round. Freestyle was short, two hits off the same obstacle and then over I went. Same thing happened in Pittsburg. Got some huge air off the double stack then flipped it backwards next it. Atlanta was a little better, flipped after 4 hits. My favorite, and probably notorious freestyle, was in Philly. Came out with some nice air, got another good jump, brought it around to a wheelie stack, got a nice slap wheelie all the way to the cars (back when it was the Stone Age), brought the front end down right before it, then slammed back on the throttle right into a killer sky wheelie. I stuck it on the rear and realized that the truck wasn't moving from that position, so I tapped the throttle, still couldn't bring it down. I put it in reverse and slammed on the throttle. The truck ended up doing a 180 and started tipping backwards. I could have saved the truck if it wasn't for the fact I was too busy typing out my disappointment.

Trucks driven(Don't remember most of them)

Wild Hawg (MJM)

Superman (Once)

Iceman (RoRMJ)

Avenger (KOTH)

Grinder (RoR Big Dawgs)

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Where do I start? 

In 1996/1997 my mother brought home a new computer with MTM1.  YES MTM1...Found out they had add on tracks.  I've had the great honor of beta testing MTM2 thanks to KC & Yestman who where beta tester's who let Microsoft let me beta test one of the last couple beta's of MTM2. I didn't contribute to MTM2 to much. LOL  

While on the MTM 2 drag board someone posted about this game.  I play it offline with me performing full-time now with my Elvis Tribute Act while giving GOD all the glory. 


God bless,

~ Tim 

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The first place I went for competition was not too long ago, it was the Season 4 of Monsters of Rigs of Rods, International Tour, in a Just Get Er Done. I did pretty well for a rookie that season. In my first competition event ever, I made second fastest qualifier in Houston. But lost in Round one because I wasn't 100% during that race. I was more of a racer that season due to me going over early in the first 60 seconds of the clock. But that didn't mean I couldn't freestyle; in East Rutherford, New Jersey, I was up against 20 trucks in freestyle. I went out there and just went into anything I could jump off of. I managed to get it back on all fours in the first 28 seconds of the clock. I managed to get the biggest air of the night off the biggest stack out there, and took on the Tower of Power with ease, and do a back-flip. I the decided to trash the truck by ramming it into a jump and flip 4 times. I managed to into 4th place with a 27. The next event, in Arnhem, Holland with 15 other trucks. I managed to beat the odds by making it all the way to the semi-finals, upsetting lots of popular and skilled racers. I managed to make it to the World Finals as well, and actually beat 5th fastest qualifier Blair Lockart in Monster Energy. In freestyle, I went harder than ever, but had a flat tire just 45 seconds into the run. I decided I couldn't win, but i could at-least go over in a spectacular way. So I floored it into the middle obstacle and landed hard, and I mean HARD. but managed to get pretty good score.


Then SMRA came; I managed to take home a freestyle win in Atlanta. I was on my game that night, I went out there and had my best freestyle I've ever had. I had wheelies, paukens, huge air, and some good saves. I managed to get a 31 (9+9+9 Bonus: 4), but got tied with Josh Rhodes. I managed to win the freestyle off with a 7.


SSRS S2 came very fast, and signed as Black Stallion. In Event 1, in Minny 2013; I went to the Championship race, and came 4th in freestyle.


In MROR Fairgrounds, I took home a freestyle win in Naples Florida with a 24 in West Wind Training Center.



MROR Season 4: Just Get Er Done

SMRA S1: Grinder Trophy Truck

SSRS S2: Black Stallion

MROR Fairgrounds: West Wind Training Center: Amiin+// Edition

RORMO: West Wind Training Center: Amiin+// Edition

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I've been bigfoot in pretty much any league I've ran, that or King Krunch.

Now I'm back in my AME truck, Cranial Insanatosis

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