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Bigfoot and Firestone Wilderness 1998 Pack 2.0

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About This File

I decided to paint 2 of my all time favorite trucks a few days ago and I am pretty pleased with the results of some of my first hand painted trucks I've done.


Paints, Prop setup - Me

Shock Placement - Jon Cannon

Body - John Dough

Chassis - Kozak

Props - V4/V5 staff

Rims - Edy

Thanks to Chadwick, Jon, Dan, and Aaron for helping me test.

What's New in Version 2.0


  • New meshes added
  • Rim Caps added

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They look pretty good, but I noticed that there's a few things missing, like the BCRD26shock.mesh and some textures are either white (seat and light section), or black (rims). I don't know if that will be fixed later on or so, but in overall, the trucks are good.
EDIT: Maybe I'm missing a few parts or something?

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Why are there no shocks? Where can I get the files?

Yeah, not sure why there aren't any files regarding the BCRD26Shock.mesh and the BCRDShaft.mesh in the zip here.. not to mention why the rim materials aren't there. I don't know what is really going on either XD


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