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Here it is, Foxboro 2014 from the Path of Destruction Tour. Please note that there is a shading error on top of the dirt hill, I couldn't figure out how to fix it, but it doesn't really matter. Jersey style racing with the inflatables and a fun freestyle course.


Google Warehouse: Stadium

Klayton: Textures, Cars, Car Textures, Advertisements, Container texture

Danny: Vans (Textures from MTM2)

John Dough: Inflatables

Me: Track model, Paint and inflatables textures.

Gabe: Scoreboard texture

High quality and FPS versions


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Dunno if it was intentional or not but both versions have a beta terrn file that loads into nothing.

Also you do not need to add the mesh.xml file, does nothing but take up space.

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I wasn't going to post here, but after everything is over and the unnecessary post for a track review were deleted, why go out of your way to point it out and make a fool of yourself? This isn't loveing censorship, this is removing your idiotic posts. 

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Stupidity is a bit of a epidemic these past few days. If you have a problem with how I or any of the other staff deal with stuff on here, by all means feel free to send a PM or email to the sites owner.

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