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Max-D Maximum Destruction (Neil) 2015

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About This File

I did not make this myself from scratch. This is Johan's Max-D with brand new rims, tires, and an added flag. I am releasing this for the upcoming Fox Sports 1 series I will be hosting in late October. This truck is a stand alone as well so you don't need the Max-D pack to use it. But like I said, I pretty much only positioned the flag and added the tires and rims.


Steve Harlow- Body

Nicholas Kozak- Chassis, Reference Photos, Node Beam Help

Matt Wilkinson- Node Beam, Tire Models, Fuel Cell, Settings, Axle

Micheal Murray- Crazy Props

Klayton Halog- Tire Textures, Shock Models, Reference Shots, Brake Rotor

Aaron Lurie- Baking Many Parts

Johan- Paints, 4-links, Knuckles, Shock Textures, Rims, Tie Rods, Drive Shafts, Etc.

Gabriel Lee- Flag


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The orange rims do not appear on the two left tires, and the spikes are all black on 0.37. Fix that.

They do work, I tested the truck for him, maybe its something wrong with your v4, and btw dont be so demanding it makes you sound like a twat.

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Preston Perez can I join your Fox Sports 1 series?





And btw theres no MaximumDestruction4LinkBottom.mesh so I crashed

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