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Mickey's Ride '78 EL Camino 1.0.0

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Thanks to Taurus Racer 13 for making a friend of mine actul everyday drive of his real EL Camino that is a 78

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3 minutes ago, Taurus Racer 13 said:

Taurus Racer 13 the one builder


Well isn't it also from other people as in body or no, plus I just wanted to try seeing if I could upload it and have others download it,  if you could teach me how to make trucks that would be great?

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You give the people who did what ever credit I built the truck from the ground up Chassis would be Outlaws modified by me the body 3D ware house mapped and modified by me Things like tires and stuff or other props its hard to tell who did what these days if you know give that person credit As far as the builder there is 1 me and if you know there sims name use that nobody knows who Aaron Willman is but my close friends ( well now everybody lol ) You said builders and then me I was like hey i built that solo Its all good  I would love to teach you how to build trucks one weekend its a lot to learn You will need a head set or would be very difficult to do skype screen share will be the way to go

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