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Grave Digger #1 1.0.0

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About This File

This is a replica of the 1st panel van Grave Digger monster truck (nicknamed "Grandma"), driven by Dennis Anderson. Leslie Anderson drove the truck in 1989, after Dennis built Grave Digger #2.

This pack contains 6 versions of the truck:
-1983-1985 (original blue & grey paint scheme)
-1986 (first appearance of the graveyard scheme)
-Late 1986 (as the truck appeared in a 1986 photoshoot, with a temporary set of 66-inch Goodyear tires)


  • While the truck doesn't feature an actual pulling hitch (the actual truck was never used for sled pulling), I included a hitch node in the node-beam, so that it can be used with the pulling sled. The hitch node is located on the pintle hook on the back of the frame. To use with a pulling sled, use the mouse to drag the chain on the pulling sled to the hitch node (press "K" to show the nodes if needed), then press "L" to lock the chain to the hitch. When finished, press "L" again to unlock the hitch.
  • The headlights are fully functional. To turn the headlights on/off, press "N"

Body - @DiggerFan
Frame - @DiggerFan
Tires (1983-1985 & 1986 versions) - @DiggerFan
Tires (1987 & 1988 versions) - @RockCrwlr, modified & retextured by @DiggerFan
Tires (Late-1986 & 1989 versions) - @RockCrwlr, modified by @DiggerFan
Rims - @DiggerFan
Axles - @DiggerFan
Engine - @DiggerFan
Carburetors/Air Filters - @DiggerFan
Transfer Case/Transmission - @DiggerFan
Shocks - @DiggerFan
Bumpers - @DiggerFan
Driveshafts - @DiggerFan
Gas/Brake Pedals - @DiggerFan
Steering Wheel - @DiggerFan
Gauges - @DiggerFan
Seats - @DiggerFan
Leaf Springs - @DiggerFan
Engine Sounds - @Beau4x4
Node-beam - @DiggerFan

Thanks to @CIDRA racer, @Mark Iron, & Tim Smith for testing this truck.

If I forgot anyone, please notify me as soon as possible.


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I think this may be the best thing ever uploaded 

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who knew driving full force into cars would be enough to give you a concussion

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The detail, physics, dedication and amount of time put it in is just perfected. Run the truck, watch the leaf springs and see them bend from impact. The movement inside the interior view and how shaky it is makes you feel like you are actually driving it. Growing up watching grave digger has always made me happy, now seeing and using it where the Legend begun is the best.

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