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World Finals 13 1.1

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It's time people!!!! I think this is a treat for everyone. I hope you guys have fun on this track since you ALL wanted it. But I thought I'd mention this, my computer was not hacked, I made a huge flaw and somehow managed to put my WF13 mesh and material in the WF9 download (now fixed). So for those of you who didn't notice, Thank you lol. But anyways, Enjoy!!!!

Top is 1024

Bottom is 2048

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Banners.

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Is thank you even enough anymore?? I tell you what if you ever need a kidney, liver, lung, or any other organ, just hit me up with your blood type and i will make it happen for you captain scouts honor my word is my bond sir.

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First v4 and now this!! You guys have way out done yourselves today! Thank you for everything you've done, and I'm sure it will not go to waste.

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Amazing track as always Klayton! Only thing is mine has no banners. I'll give it a look and see if it's missing anything though.

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1 problem the banner on the red thunder alley the banner on the race box or whatever its called the top AAP banner has dirt on ther instead

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Like is dead on 1024 version for Mediafire

That doesn't mean it's broken! The other one works absolutely fine.

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