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    Loving how this truck handles. Great work
    This is the best working truck I've found with the NAMT settings and I still can't drive the truck. lol My honesty is those NAMT settings are like the polar opposite of Swegliner849's trucks. (His non-NAMT trucks)
    Love these tracks. Thanks for keeping the freshness.
    Love it! I can drive in my style- wide open
    New meaning to tight ends. Gonna learn this lead foot to slow down real quick. lol
    DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!! Just as I got bored with the game you come along & reignite the flame
  1. Guess I have to learn how to make a track so I can figure out how to start converting
  2. I just started a few days ago & have been getting it every day. Though I'm guessing its because I've been downloading like a mad man. Its like there's a 24 hour limit
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