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Season 4 Tour Lineups!


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East Coast Tour (Friday)
Chadwick Deerfoot (Event Director)
Robbie Milburn
Micheal Murray 
Damian Bowers
Andrew Wamsley
Jonathan Soto
Andrew Sheets
Dalton Widner
Seth Holloway
Michael Alford
Jackson Brammer
Brad Shaw
Jon Zimmer Jr
Chris Bialek
Frank Collins
Sean Ryan
Kyle Knickerbocker
Joey Burgy
Matthew Tyrrell

West Coast Tour (Saturday)
Nicholas Kozak (Event Director)
Jon Cannon
Jack McCarthy
Blake Thompson
Fernando Martinez
Max Halpert
Daniel Bouchard
Corey New
Zach Nicholas
Ryan McCauley
Tom Deents
Blaise Zantinge
Tyler May
Marty Hussey
Marcelo Mendoza
David Trevino
Mason Thompson 
Keaton Barney
Wilson Hill
Dillon Kearns
David Karlsson
Nathan Smith
Shane Roediger

If you need switch tours please let me know, I will try my best to fit everyone in as best as I can!

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19 hours ago, carkiller458 said:

I'll be competing Fridays


3 hours ago, David65 said:

put me on saturdays pleas


2 hours ago, Swegliner849 said:

I need to swap to saturday, something happened last minute and i might not be around that much at fridays at that time possibly


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