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SMRA East Tour S4 R1: December 1st, 2017


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Event Date
December 1st 2017

ROR Version

Discord Chat Invite Link: https://discord.gg/2txahg
(Will be posted day of the event as the invites have a 24 hour expiry time limit)

Event Timetable:
Drivers should be in Discord Chat around 7:40pm est
Drivers Meeting 7:50 est (if you're not in chat by the time the driver's meeting begins, you will not be allowed to run)
Event Start Time 8:00 est
Track: Mount Pleasant, MI



Chadwick Deerfoot in Send It!

Robbie Milburn in Redbull Steel Phantom

Michael Murray in Alcohol Abuse 

Damian Bowers in Untapped Rage

Andrew Wamsley in Wonder Wagon

Jonathan Soto in Nitro Psycho

Andrew Sheets in Dragon

Dalton Widner in Monster Hack

Seth Holloway in Screamin Evil

Michael Alford in Whirlwind

Jackson Brammer in Pistol Whipped

Brad Shaw in Smash Squad

Jon Zimmer Jr in Hotline Miami

Matthew Tyrrell in Fuel Injection

Rocco in Perpetual Destruction

Chris Bialek in Pyro Maniac

Frank Collins in Taco Truck Mulisha

Sean Ryan in Hired Guns

Kyle Knickerbocker in Hoonitruck

Joey Burgy in Mutant

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Small note, for those that do not have their trucks approved by midnight tonight eastern standard time will be missing this event!
Anybody that has had their truck approved but do not have a download link under their name listed above, you have until the start of the event to post it or you will be missing this event!

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1 hour ago, CIDRA racer said:

Dalton Widner will need a fill in driver for the event if possible for monster hack


We aren't doing fill in drivers anymore, that got to be too much hassle trying to keep track of who drove what for who, when, and where. If you can make it, cool beans; if not, welp that's just too bad.

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Ok, after checking with Kozak I can confirm that Joey Burgy will not be running this week; he did not get his truck approved in time and will have to sit out until week 2.

Sean Ryan, Kyle Knickerbocker, Andrew Sheets, Shane Roediger and Frank Collins have until the start of the drivers meeting friday to get their trucks to me. If they do not, they will have to sitout until week 2 as well.

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Here is the link to the official SMRA discord server. East tour competitors, please remember that if you are not in the east tour voice chat by the start of the drivers meeting (which is 7:50 pm eastern time), you will not be allowed to compete this week.


Also, I still need truck links from Andrew Sheets @Andrew, Sean Ryan @Irishbulldog422, Kyle Knickerbocker @Karnag Gaming, Shane Roediger @carkiller458, and Frank Collins @GDFAN14; if I do not have your truck by the start of the driver's meeting, then you will have to sit this week out and wait for week 2.

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Alright folks, event 1 for the east tour is in the books and all 13 trucks that showed up put on a show. Congrats go out to @SethHolloway1 for winning racing and to @RobbieMilburn for taking home the freestyle win, and it's also interesting to note that both of our winners returned to action after lengthy breaks from the circuit. Below is all of the info pertaining to the results so everyone can get their budgets taken care of. All of the SMRA officials would like to thank everyone who showed up and competed, you all helped us keep things running as smooth as possible; it wasn't a flawless event by any means for us, but there were no major issues to speak of. We hope everyone had a good time, and we'll see you next week at one of the most hallowed grounds for monster truck competition; Lebanon Valley Speedway in West Lebanon, NY!

Racing Results
Racing Winner - Seth Holloway/Screamin' Evil: +$2,500
Runner Up - Sean Ryan/Hired Guns:  +$1,500
Semi Finals Loss - Matthew Tyrrell/Fuel Injection, Chris Bialek/Pyro Maniac: +$1,000
2nd Round Loss - Johnny Soto/Nitro Psycho, Chadwick Deerfoot/Send It, Jon Zimmer Jr./Hotline Miami, Jackson Brammer/Pistol Whipped: +$500
1st Round Loss - Robbie Milburn/Steel Phantom, Bradley Shaw/Smash Squad, Andrew Sheets/Draco, Damian Bowers/Untapped Rage, Michael Murray Jr./Alcohol Abuse: +$300

Freestyle Results
Freestyle Winner - Robbie Milburn/Steel Phantom: +$2,500
2nd Place - Bradley Shaw/Smash Squad, Johnny Soto/Nitro Psycho, Seth Holloway/Screamin' Evil: +$1,500
3rd Place - Andrew Sheets/Draco, Jon Zimmer Jr./Hotline Miami: +$1,000
4th Place - Matthew Tyrrell/Fuel Injection, Chris Bialek/Pyro Maniac: +$900
5th Place - Damian Bowers/Untapped Rage, Jackson Brammer/Pistol Whipped: +$800
6th Place - Michael Murray Jr./Alcohol Abuse: +$700
7th Place - Chadwick Deerfoot/Send It: +$600
8th Place - Sean Ryan/Hired Guns: +$500

Damage Report
Violent Rolls - None: -$4000
Hard Rolls - Michael Murray Jr./Alcohol Abuse: -$3000
Medium Rolls - Robbie Milburn/Steel Phantom, Chris Bialek/Pyro Maniac: -$2000
Light Rolls - Damian Bowers/Untapped Rage, Chadwick Deerfoot/Send It, Matthew Tyrrell/Fuel Injection: -$1000
Wall Hits - None: -$1500

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