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Race #6 - 8/7/11 - Anaheim, CA

Casey Graves

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Running SoCal style for the first time this year, the course is really fun and freestyle will be a big air assult mixed with alot of technicality. Just like the custom series we will be starting qual an hour later than normal, just want to see how this turns out with a longer track. Locked In trucks for this week are: Ironman, Jurassic Attack, Equalizer, Air Force, Avenger, Maximum Destruction, Grave Digger, Sudden Impact, Lucas Oil Stabilizer, Gunslinger, Blue Thunder, El Toro Loco

Schedule of Events (All times EST)

4:30 PM - Qualifying Open

7:30 PM - Qualifying Closes (Please don't wait till the last minute to qualify as it will slow everything down)

7:45 PM - AIM Chat Starts (May not start exactly at this time so dont message me asking when it starts)

8:00 PM - Drivers Meeting (Must be present to race)

8:15 PM - Events Start

11:30 PM - Events Finish(Estimated based on previous races)

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Alright, I may just be stupid, but Im a little confused. Say Im lined up in the left lane, I come down the tabletop and go into the turn. Now im in the straight away, which way do I go around the jammer, do I make a left and turn right around it or keep straight and take a left around it

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