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Race #13 -- 10/2/11 -- Tampa, FL

Casey Graves

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Get ready to get muddy, after a successful test of a muddy track at the Syracuse custom event, we are going to use it this weekend for Tampa. I'm not sure what to expect from it but I think it will be pretty fun on a stadium track. Anyways here is the locked in drivers for this week: Ironman, Jurassic Attack, Equalizer, Air Force, Avenger, Maximum Destruction, Grave Digger, TMNT, Lucas Oil Stabilizer, Gunslinger, Blue Thunder, Lucas Oil Crusader

Schedule of Events (All times EST)

4:30 PM - Qualifying Open

7:00 PM - Qualifying Closes (Please don't wait till the last minute to qualify as it will slow everything down)

7:15 PM - AIM Chat Starts (May not start exactly at this time so dont message me asking when it starts)

7:30 PM - Drivers Meeting (Must be present to race)

7:45 PM - Events Start

11:00 PM - Events Finish(Estimated based on previous races)

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